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How to Import MBOX into Outlook of all Versions?

A look at the MBOX file and its benefits. We will also cover why and how to import MBOX into Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, & earlier versions. This article can help you if you are seeking a straightforward answer.

MBOX is the greatest commonly encountered file type. It is a one-of-a-kind file that stores emails in text format as well as attachments in an encrypted manner. MBOX format is supported by most major email applications, including Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Eudora. It is a format that is platform-dependent. But, one of the MBOX email clients is a desktop-based application that stores all of its information on the local machine.

Why Import MBOX into Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is a common PIM. Many companies and individuals use it as their default email software. Outlook has a good management system and great safety. Also, Users must import MBOX into Outlook to access these functionalities.

Other factors include job changes and data migration. It is also for these reasons.

Users may encounter the following difficulties when importing MBOX files: –

  1. There is no direct manual technique to import MBOX files into Outlook at the present time.
  2. MBOX files are not supported by Outlook, and there is no ability to import MBOX files into the software.
  3. To import MBOX files into Outlook, you must first convert your email files, which means you must convert your MBOX files into the PST format.
  4. The options for importing and opening MBOX files in Outlook 2019 are discussed in further detail later in this article.

Pro solution to export MBOX file to Outlook

A powerful and reliable solution for importing MBOX files into Microsoft Outlook, Syskare MBOX Files to Outlook PST converter offers unparalleled performance. Users may quickly and easily convert MBOX files into a variety of different file formats using this software.

What this tool is capable of?

  1. File naming conventions include Subject, Date, From, and To. So users may handle files efficiently.
  2. The user will receive the MBOX file’s whole contents in the same source folder.
  3. As we are all aware, the.MBOX file is a popular file format utilized by numerous apps in MBOX/MBX/MBS. A lot of email clients support MBOX files.
  4. As we all know, the.MBOX file is a popular file format used by numerous apps in MBOX/MBX/MBS. A lot of email clients support MBOX files.

How Does This Software Work?

  1. Download and install the solution on your pc.
  2. Now choose the MBOX file which you want to convert.
  3. Now all the data of the MBOX file will appear on the screen.
  4. and then, click on the “select saving option” and choose the PST file from the drop down.
  5. Next, browse the location where you want to save the file.
  6. Lastly, click on the convert icon to start the procedure.

Important Note: If you want to know more about this technique in deep then check our other blog, here you will get the complete details and step by step procedure to convert MBOX Files to Outlook.

How Can I import an MBOX file into Outlook Manually?

You may import MBOX files into Outlook using either manual techniques or using an MBOX to Outlook Converter. Manual methods are described below. We will use both manual and third-party methods to complete this migration procedure in this section.

Please remember to make a backup of your MBOX files before attempting to use the manual method of these methods.

Top 2 Methods to Import MBOX files to Outlook

Drag and Drop Method for Importing MBOX Files into Outlook.

  1. Setup Outlook on the system to view the MBOX file.
  2. Then export them to an EML file in Thunderbird’s emails folder.
  3. Make a new folder in Outlook to export all emails.
  4. Than Drag & drop EML File formats into Outlook.

By Using Email Clients to Import MBOX into Outlook

The MBOX import procedure into Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and earlier versions is completed using this manual method, which consists of four main parts.

  1. Thunderbird is used to convert email data to an MBOX format.
  2. Export MBOX files from Thunderbird and import them into Eudora.
  3. Eudora’s .mbx files should be copied over to Outlook Express.
  4. Transfer .mbx files from Eudora to Outlook Express.
  5. Adding files from Outlook Express.

Read more about complete manual techniques to import mbox into outlook.

Drawbacks Manually Importing MBOX Emails into Outlook

  1. Manually exporting large or numerous MBOX files are not recommended.
  2. Manually email exporting may result in data loss or damage.
  3. Your emails’ attributes, hierarchy, and integrity may be destroyed.
  4. People who don’t know how to code often think manual approaches are a bad idea.


In conclusion, From the foregoing discussion, it is evident that a professional would not favor a slow, difficult, and unsafe manual procedure. Syskare MBOX to PST Converter is a master tool for converting MBOX to PST. Also, a trial edition of this tool enables users to move the first 25 items per folder and test the software’s performance.

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