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How to get more subs and views on YouTube? 

How to get more subs and views on YouTube? YouTube is a growing and popular social media platform. You can earn money here with lots of fame. And there are lots of ways to earn money through a YouTube channel. But you need to grow your YouTube channel. As we all know, you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time on your channel within 1 year to monetise your channel. But there are various ways to earn money without monetisation on your YouTube channel. But before that, you need to grow your subscribers and views on your channel. So here we come with the solution for how to get more subs and views on YouTube? 


A responding content

You must have value to the content in order to deliver something to your audience. It’s the most important thing in the world, not just on YouTube. Great content can give your right audience and views. So mainly focus on your content. Create unique and creative content. And don’t copy others.

Use of shorts

Use shorts as this is the most viral content on YouTube. You can share 4-5 pairs of shorts on a day. Also, you can share some parts of your lengthy videos. This will help you to get more subs and views on YouTube. But shorts can’t fill the recruitment to monetise the channel related to watch time.

Focus on quality and length

If you don’t have an audience to watch your video. So start making some brief clips and share them. This will create an audience with a face value. And with the time increase size of your videos. Use the best equipment, like a camera and mic, to shoot the video. And give the best editing ending to your videos.

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Keep a shine thumbnail and title

Use a title and thumbnail that can attract more users. Because users see thumbnails and titles first and then decide to watch the video. If you can catch users’ intentions through your thumbnail so this will give you. Use some actionable words and reactions in your thumbnail.


Best use of cards and end screen

Use cards to provide the suggestion button for your more videos. You can give this button anywhere in your video. And use the end screen to hover your next videos and subscribers button in the last of the videos. This feature is provided by youtube. You can use this by a visit to your YouTube studio account.

A great playlist and optimisation 

Create a playlist that can help your audience to find your more videos related to a topic. Also, optimise your channel with the help of SEO techniques. Provide the best keywords in your channel’s description and title. And make your channel easy searchable.

Presence in other internet community

Share your content on other social media platforms and make your face value there as well. And you can earn from there as well. TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit are some best alternatives to YouTube.

You can turn your outer audience into YouTube subscribers later.

Buying options

Buy YouTube views India to grow faster on YouTube. This will increase the number of views on your channel. People attract to more numbers. And this technique is already in use by many YouTubers are using to grow their views. So buy YouTube views India and shine on YouTube.



Now it’s clear how to get more subs and views on YouTube? You may make this a part of your YouTube strategy and can get more YouTube views. Also, you will improve your subscribers. And in the last, your channel will grow. 

And get in touch with YouTube community guidelines to make your channel run more smoothly. So keep sharing your valuable content regular. Share shorts and use cards and end screens. 


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