How to Get (Clients) Customers to Buy More products?

People love to buy more products. They also hate buying things, because what if they don’t like them? What if it’s not what they expected? You’ve probably been in this situation before where you bought something and when you got home with your new purchase, you were disappointed and wished that you had never even gone shopping in the first place! 

But how do you get customers to buy more? There are many ways to entice customers into buying more than they intended and improve your CX Capabilities as well. Here are some ideas on how to increase your sales volume without completely overwhelming your customer with too much product choice.


Upselling is a way for a business to increase its revenue. The original offer can involve an expensive product, but the upsell offers something more cheaply priced by comparison. In other words, it’s a “pitch”.

Australian CX journey mapping experts suggest that if you’re going to teach salespeople how to upsell, you should at least inform them of the reasons not to do so too. If customers are not interested in buying after they’ve said no once, then they will likely not be receptive to anything that you say next. This is why it’s important for customers who have already bought things or services from your store for you to show them some gratitude and at least make them feel like they got what they paid for.

Cross sale

It is a purchase that occurs across two or more different categories in the same store.

A customer might decide they want to buy flowers for their wife, but after perusing the colours, they decide they also need to buy some groceries. This purchase will result in an overage on their grocery budget because now they’ve spent more than planned on one category of regular shopping. And it’s not just groceries stores that offer this convenience–many retailers now allow you to be redirected back and forth between categories so you can pick what item fits your needs best with no apparent penalty–the retailer’s trying to make sure there is zero chance that your trip leaves you disappointed (or with less money currently in your wallet).

Limited Time Offers 

An LTD may act as a spike in your sales funnel. It will create anticipation for the product you are offering by only opening it to the public for a limited time period. The telltale sign of when an LTD is coming up, in terms of planning, is that if you see your items selling out quickly, then hundreds or thousands of people are anticipating what’s next at this very moment. The reason Limited time offers works so well is that time pressure can push people into taking action. 

Amazing customer experience 

Designing customer experience starts with a baseline of excellent website design and useability. This means the website should be clean, simple, responsive, fast, and easy to navigate. But beyond this, shoppers may also want to know what colour the product is that they’re looking for or whether or not their purchase will qualify for a discount or competitive pricing.

Shoppers should know where to find the right size and how much it costs before they place their order – late discovery can become late regret! If you don’t already have basic features like product reviews and sizing charts as part of your e-commerce store’s functionality then now is as good as time as any to take those steps.

Free Shipping 

Free Shipping or Delivery Thresholds are set to keep customers spending while giving them choices. It is important for businesses to balance the number of transactions with customer satisfaction.

Offering coupons 

Offering coupons can be a key driver of foot traffic and sales. Restaurants and retail stores, in particular, use them for their heavy repeat customers. Coupons with date restrictions ensure you will not run out of the product before the coupon’s expiration. It also lets your customers know which products are going to be on sale for a limited time only, and may attract attention from those who were not planning to buy that item.

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