How To Easily Register A Trademark In Pakistan 2023?

Every company, regardless of size, must safeguard its brand and trademarks. A trademark is a sign, name, or design that identifies the products or services of a specific business. Having a trademark registered in Pakistan has various advantages, including better legal defense in the event of an infringement.

How Does Trademark Registration Work In Pakistan?

Entrepreneurs and service providers in Lahore must register their identity or brand as a trademark to safeguard their intellectual property. CMA Law Associates offers Pakistan’s best trademark registration services, including Lahore. IPO-Pakistan has undertaken significant measures to improve the accessibility of trademark services in Pakistan and to broaden the scope of its regional operational services in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

It is crucial to comprehend the significance of business trademark registration and how to safeguard this privilege. Suppose you are new to the market and want to register products for a mark so that consumers can recognize them as an independent brand. In that case, CMA Law Associates is the best choice to suit your needs for filing a trademark application in Lahore and throughout Pakistan.

The highly educated attorneys at CMA Law Associates have received training to help newly formed business owners and entrepreneurs with Lahore’s Pakistani trademark registration process.

Trademark registration is a crucial step that shouldn’t be overlooked for all of your commercial endeavors. The attorneys at CMA Law Associates welcome any questions from clients and are specialists in registering trademarks and brand logos.

Who Is Eligible To File A Trademark Application?

Any of the following who submits a trademark application complies with trademark regulations in Lahore and throughout Pakistan:

  1. Individuals
  2. Business Partnerships
  3. Limited liability partnerships, public and private limited businesses, and non-profit organizations (NGO, Trust, Welfare Society, Foundation, etc.)
  4. NGO’s

A mark or logo is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness. It’s an easy way to stand out from the pack while simultaneously letting other people know exactly who you are. One of the best ways to earn the attention of your target audience is to register your mark or logo

The Top 13 Advantages Of Registering A Mark Or Logo

The advantages of trademark registration in Pakistan include the following:

  1. Guarantees sole legal ownership of the trademark
  2. Generates trust and goodwill Product Differentiation
  3. Customers will find it simpler to detect your high-quality goods
  4. Protects for ten years
  5. Provides the ability to use the ® symbol
  6. Increases market credibility
  7. Adds originality Identity
  8. Protects from infringement
  9. Displays consistency and brand control
  10. Increases the financial value
  11. Allows for Legal Defense
  12. Creation of a non-tangible asset
  13. Preserves the reputation of the company

Before registering your company’s trademark, you must conduct a thorough investigation.

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How To File A Trademark In Lahore, Pakistan 

If you want to protect your brand name and other related names and logos, you should file for a trademark. It is a useful legal tool that can help you to prevent others from using your brand name without permission. Here are the steps you need to take if you want to file for a trademark in Pakistan’s Lahore.

Step 01: Trademark Search

Searching for logos is the first step in trademark registration. After doing the extensive study, send in TM Form 55. The IPO Pakistan searched to determine whether or not there was an existing trademark with similar meaning. To confirm the legitimacy of a trademark, tax officers do it. The Applicant (representing a company/brand) submits the “TM Form 55” along with the required trademark to request a trademark search. The application moves on to the next round upon finding no similar trademarks.

Step 02: Registering A Trademark For Colors

A trademark is registered alongside a particular color and typically encompasses all other colors. The exact process applies to applications with and without color restriction(s).

The following documentation and information are required in Lahore and other Pakistani cities to submit a trademark application:

  • Application Form
  • Details regarding the Applicant (Name, address, and Nationality)
  • In case of a Company: Country or State of Incorporation, Name, Address, and Particulars of All Directors
  • Name, address, and specifics of each collaboration partner
  • Name, address, and country of origin (documents Proof)
  • Nature or type of products or services you are planning to register
  • A digital copy of the proposed trademark a nd documentation for the proposed trademark entity
  • Documents proving the trademark’s usage and the date it first appeared in Pakistan
  • Attorney-client relationship power of attorney
  • As proof of payment, demand drafts or pay orders bearing the name of the Director-General, IPO Pakistan

The next step involves legal processing.

Step 03: Legal Process After A Trademark Registration Application

The Applicant then receives a report confirming receipt of these documents. It takes no more than 15 days, starting on the submission date. IPO Pakistan notifies the Applicant of the examination report within three months of the application.

If complaints about the application’s content or proposed trademark exist, the Registration Office notifies the applicant and requests justification. There is a two-month response window during which the Applicant must justify any concerns. IPO Pakistan has the authority to withdraw the registration application if the Applicant is unsuccessful in making a defense for his application.

Once there are no objections to the application, the trademark is allowed to publish in the monthly digital journal produced by IPO Pakistan (accessible for online reading at IPO’s website). Thanks to the public’s free access to this digital record, anybody can see the proposed trademarks for which registration was requested.

When a person or business objects, IPO Pakistan reacts by filing the relevant form, such as TM-5 or TM-8, which asks that the trademark application be investigated.

The Applicant asked to submit Forms TM-6 or TM-9 to present his objection defense (whichever applies). If no objections are voiced within two months of the trademark being published in the online journal, the application for trademark registration is considered authorized. The Applicant asked to complete TM Form 11 and pay the trademark registration fee to receive the trademark registration certificate.

Once the complete payment is made, the Applicant is given a Trademark Registration Certificate. The trademark needed to be updated every ten years.

The TM Form 12 must be filled out by the Applicant and submitted along with the renewal fee.

Typical Time Needed To Submit A Trademark Registration Application

According to extensive experience, the trademark register typically takes around 18 months to process an application from when it is submitted to when the trademark registration certificate is issued.

A trademark certification is valid for ten (10) years following the date of issuance. Under section 35 of the Trademark Ordinance 2001, the Applicant may resubmit an application for trademark registration renewal. If he chooses, a person may also apply to remove a trademark.

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