How To Dress Down A Suit For Casual Occasions

If you are putting a substantial amount on your suit, you want to make the best out of it. However, a common misconception about suits is that they are traditionally formal wear and suits only for workplaces and weddings. That is definitely not the case with modern suits for men. They are more versatile than they were ever before.

Now, wearing your suit on a casual occasion is not a heinous fashion brand’s crime anymore. In fact, we encourage you to do so as it makes you stand apart from others in the crowd. That said, here are some tips for dressing down a suit for casual occasions in the right way.

Dressing Down with a Shirt

And by the shirt, we definitely are not talking about dress shirts. If you want to dress down your suit with a shirt, pick something that leans more on the casual side of the spectrum. A nice denim shirt would be your perfect piece to cast the formality out of your formal suit.

Similarly, printed shirts with subtle motifs make a perfect casual partner to dress down your suits. Or, if you wish to keep a little hint of formality, put on a chambray shirt. Wherever you choose, make sure you keep the first one or two buttons open to keep things casual.

Dressing Down with a T-Shirt

T-shirts are a perfect underlayer to make casual apparel out of formal suits. However, the choice of t-shirt is imperative here. Many people consider polo a t-shirt, and for a reason. Wearing this isn’t wrong, but it would be hard to pull off for some. So, to be on the safer side, keep the t-shirt more casual.

Keep your distance from those overwhelmingly giant prints or eye-poking colours, suits or no suits, unless, of course, it is your style. As long as men’s formal suits are concerned, you want to pick a t-shirt with subtle stripes or small patterns that look elegant with the background colour.

Dressing Down with Knitwear

For cooler seasons, knitwear becomes your perfect partner for toning down the formality of a suit. You can swap the cardigan with your waistcoat, making it a perfect formal ensemble for the season. To keep the formality out, say bye to ties and top this on your shirt. Or you can hide your tie under your cardigan.

If a cardigan is too formal for you, a nice scarf can also do the trick. Wrap it around your neck and tuck the two ends under your suit jacket. Ties will be obviously omitted when you wear a scarf.

Dressing Down with Singlets

This is the ideal outfit when things are hot outside or you have social events lined up right after your office hours. But, you would want to tread a little careful when pairing singlets or tank tops with your suit. If you want to try the look, go with classic colours or striped prints.

The fit should be more conservative, which means the neck and arms should not dip too long. And moreover, since you are wearing a no-sleeve tank top underneath, use a deodorant to keep your suit pits sweat-free.

Dressing Down with Footwear

Footwear can make or break your look, so choosing the right one is essential. For a casual look with a suit, boots work fine. Sleek Chelsea boots keep the look chic and slightly formal. Moreover, military or hiking-inspired boots can also look incredibly cool if your colours are well-coordinated.

To make your suit more casual, sneakers or plimsolls could be the best option. Sneakers have a lot of variety, giving you an opportunity to play around. You can pick something sleek like a classic converse or go for flashy ones. Every style looks elegant and vogue with a suit.

Dressing Down with Accessories

Talking about accessories to dress down your suit, the less is more. Omit all the extra suit accessories and stick to some basic ones, specifically tie and pocket square, which also you can omit occasionally. Pick a nice pair of sunglasses that goes with the look.

Moreover, if your trousers fit well around your waist, there is no need to wear a belt as well, keep it for the office only. Or, if you don’t want to lose it, go for styles that give more casual vibes like D-ring, plaited leather, rope, or canvas.

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