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How to Convert a PDF to Excel in One Sheet? – Get Solution

Curious to know how to convert PDF to Excel in one sheet? If yes, then I will give you the safest and fastest solution to convert batch PDF to Excel editable without any changes.

Can it be easy to understand the file if someone sends you a PDF file and it contains data in table format? Excel is the best option to convert data into table format.

If you try it manually, then maybe you will lose some data, font size, and many more. We recommend the best PDF to Excel Converter if you want to convert one sheet of Adobe PDF to Excel.

PDF files are great for delivering documents in a standard format that’s exactly the same no matter what device or software you use to view them, but they are difficult to edit. If you have a spreadsheet in PDF format, often the easiest way to manipulate the data is to convert the PDF to Excel and edit it there.

There’s no one-click way to convert a PDF to Excel format within Excel itself, but if you have both Word and Excel, it’s fairly easy to do. In addition, there’s a simple way to convert PDF to Excel if you own a copy of Adobe Acrobat. But it’s too expensive. It’s better to use a third-party tool to export unlimited PDFs in XLSX format without any application installation.

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User Query

Hello, I am a publisher and I downloaded a PDF file from the internet which contained multiple books’ prices, publisher, book’s name and many more. But it’s very difficult to understand the PDF file. Because all the data is in table format and the entire data is messed up. So I wanted to convert PDF to Excel in one sheet with rows and columns. “Please recommend it to me.”

Reasons to Convert PDF to Excel in One Sheet

  1. Users have multiple PDF files, and it’s difficult to open them one by one. In Excel, it’s easy to turn all PDF files into a single sheet with rows and columns.
  2. A user can easily understand data that is in table format.
  3. Microsoft Excel gives you many formatting options to edit files smoothly.
  4. Numeric data is easily arranged in Excel.

Which Software is Best to Convert Multiple PDFs into Editable Excel?

The solution is RecoveryTools The PDF to XLS converter is the perfect solution to convert PDFs into XLSX format in bulk. This tool comes with many advanced features to convert Adobe PDF to editable XLS format. The best feature of this tool is that it converts restricted PDF files into Excel for editing. as one of the most cost-effective professional PDF to Excel convert services available for Windows.

Steps to Convert PDF to Excel in One Sheet

  1. Download and run the software on your Windows PC.
  2. Add a PDF file by clicking the Select Files or Folders option. This option is helpful if you only require selective PDF files.
    upload PDF files
  3. All the data will appear in the software panel for selection according to your needs.
    select PDF file convert into Excel format
  4. Then, click on the icon that looks like a folder to choose where to save the data.
    select destination path
  5. After that, you can see the live conversion process on the software panel.
  6. After the conversion is complete, the software will automatically open the resultant Excel file.
    convert PDF to Excel in one sheet

The tool’s function

  1. The PDF to XLSX converter removes restrictions after the conversion, like copying, editing, and printing.
  2. It converts multiple PDF files into one Excel spreadsheet without any modification.
  3. It keeps the font, text, color, and other parts of the file in their original format.
  4. With this software, you can create separate XLS files for each PDF.


In the above section, we provide you with the best solution to convert PDF to Excel in one sheet. All data will be kept in its original format. This is a safe and virus-free solution to convert PDFs to editable XLS format in rows and columns smoothly. Many online converters are available on the market, but they are not safe for conversion. Perhaps they keep your documents on their server. With the all in-one solution, you can convert PDF tables into editable Excel formats in one sheet.

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