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How McDonalds changed their Logo throughout the Decades

The History of the McDonald’s Logo

Everyone knows and has heard of one of the biggest fast-food chains in the world: McDonald’s. Who can forget those golden arches, those iconic red and yellow colors, those delicious fries?

Even those who do not eat fast food at all recognize these logos as McDonald’s trademarked brand. Today we will go through the history behind Logo Designing Services.

how to make a Logo for free House cleaning logo Vinyl cutouts Logo maker so maybe you want to hire a Logo Designer How many times have these images come up whenever you search for Burger logos or Fast Food Logos?

The McDonald’s Logo’s Popularity

The first-ever McDonald’s restaurant opened back in 1940 in California by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald. They had initially opened a hot dog stand in 1937 called “The Airdrome” due to the fact that they were located near an airbase, but renamed it to what we know now as MacDonald’s after their establishment. Logo designing service Logo design Logo creator Logo design contest Logo designers

designing Logo Design Contest Logo Design Services Logo making company Logo maker It was originally just a drive-in with fifteen car parking spots where people could order burgers, fries, milkshakes, and drinks from their cars without leaving their seats. The popularity of these menu items increased tremendously during World War II when locals started gathering at MacDonald’s, staying there for hours on end playing cards or board games since most men had gone to fight in the war. Logo design Logo creator Logo design contest Logo designers

The first logo wasn’t much more than just an image of glass, fries, and burgers with the company’s name under it. It was simple but effective. How many times have these images come up whenever you search for Burger logos or Fast Food Logos?

As time passed and people started recognizing this establishment as more than just a drive-in restaurant by word-of-mouth, business increased and the brothers decided to open new locations which would go on to become their own company: McDonald’s Corporation.

In 1949, the company’s name was officially added to the burger and drink logo. Logo design Logo creator Logo design contest Logo designers

The next logo came in 1953 where additional colors were added and a hand-drawn image of their mascot, Speeded, which would become an iconic image for Mcdonald’s as well.

One year later, the now-famous Golden Arches were introduced as part of their new restaurant designs since people were having trouble identifying them from afar.

Fast forward another decade and we arrive at yet another logo: this time, it’s a combination of the traditional Golden Arches with the name of their corporation.

Design Elements of The McDonald’s Logo

In 1968, they decided to turn their mascot Speeded into a full-fledged character instead of just an illustration as part of McDonald’s’ new “Get up and go” campaign which also came with new packaging for products such as cereal boxes and coffee cups.

The next year, brown replaced yellow as the primary color for both signage and characters in order to tone down some of the brightness and add a more modern touch to the brand Logo design.

In 1971, they retired their mascot who was replaced by Ronald McDonald in front of yet another logo change: this time using what we now know as red coloring accompanied with shadows.

The following year marked the arrival of yet another version that kept some aspects from before. Like the color but also included a serif font for the company’s legal name. This would later be replaced by what we can consider their one and only official logo. Which has been used ever since: draftsmanship + simplicity= success.

From here onwards, there have been no additional changes to the logo which is still in place today Logo design.

White House. Today, that number has more than tripled with about 1 restaurant per every 475,000 people across the globe.

What Does Mcdonald’s Logo Stand For?

Do you think of their latest change? Let us know your thoughts and leave a comment below! When it comes to fast food logos. McDonald’s actually has quite an interesting story behind all those burger emblems they’re using.

One of the most well-known fast-food chains in the world, McDonald’s has been around since 1940. When the first restaurant was built by Dick and Mac McDonald in San Bernardino, California. At that time, they were still serving hot dogs instead of hamburgers. But soon enough their business started to expand at a relatively fast rate. In 1954, they ended up opening a total of three new restaurants which is considered “a lot” in those days.

McDonald’s Rebranding:

Does this logo change mean for Logo designing service Logo design Logo creator Logo design contest Logo designers?

Only five years later, the number of restaurants had increased to 100. While they were still serving hot dogs at some locations, hamburgers gradually. Started to take over as the restaurant’s main staple by 1959.

At that time, McDonald’s was already using their famous Golden Arches along with a very big “M”. Which served as either their letter mark or logo mark. Depending on how you look at it. This remained unchanged until 1971 when they decided to switch things up a bit. By changing the color from red to yellow and creating shadows behind both. The lettering and the Golden Arches logo designing.

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