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How Made In India Social Media Apps Have Changed The Approach Of Traveling

Made In India Social Media Apps have fundamentally changed the outlook of traveling and the methods of traveling. Having highly rapid digital penetration across India. Its cities and towns have changed the perspective of traveling for modern users completely.

For the traveling and hospitality sectors, particularly considering the rise of the internet and services. The approach of traveling, hospitalization and services has changed completely as everyone is consuming social media and its content. Users are not only sharing their opinions and thoughts but also sharing and building communities of like-minded thoughts and talks.

These thoughts are often exchanged which makes social media more dynamic and tech-savvy. This perspective of exchanging ideas, thoughts, and word of mouth has made the hospitality and traveling industry come on. Its toe has resulted in the best service standards.

These changes have changed the approach of travelers as well and motivates them. them to do extensive research and recommendation based on reviews, word of the south, and connectivity. It takes seconds to plan and curate their traveling plans be it a leisure trip or exploration trip.

The rising popularity of social channels and the internet has altered the travel marketing strategy keeping modern travelers in mind. The days have departed when one needed to plan their itinerary based on budget and commodities, modern times are of experiments and experiences that are directly correlated to social media intervention and social media apps.

India is one of the leading developing countries, is becoming the hub of digital innovations and technical flashes of brilliance. Which is making the lives of the Indians easier due to which travelers are frequently opting for traveling and leisure. One such travel social media is Explurger.

Explurger is an app that is made in India


Explurger is an app that is made in India with a stop traveling solution and makes your travel and itinerary memorable. It not only makes your travel journey enjoyable and well planned but also manages its users’ travel milestones and monitors all points to keep a check.

Explurger is considered the best travel social media app due to its easy accessibility and usability. The app has integrated all the features that one traveler needs starting from checking in to exploring the neighborhood along with the destinations to travel around as today’s travelers prefer to go online to research their desired destinations and accommodations.

This research involves reviews, experiences, and journals of fellow travelers that make a traveler’s journey easy and well planned. While planning an itinerary, 89% of millennials like to plan travel activities based on content posted by their peers online across different platforms and forms of social media.

Explurger allows a traveler to have a track of their bucket lists, wherein one can journal along with their goals. It keeps a track of the continents one travels to, the miles one completes with exploring countries and cities across the continents with a history of check-in just like Explurge-In. Planning your next trip and searching for the perfect location? Just Explurge-In.

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