How BLE Beacon Can Upgrade Your Indoor Positioning System?

Indoor positing system helping industries with the power of location technology. Navigation is a powerful method to track a particular destination or user. At present, most businesses rely on GPS systems to track their logistics and other business services. GPS gives only outdoor location information. But modern industries need indoor navigation solutions that can help them to improve their business and production efficiency. And this Indoor Position System uses BLE beacon to enable different businesses like shopping malls, manufacturing companies, to do speed up their internal process.

BLE beacons empower the indoor position system to use the maximum potential of navigation technology.

If you want to boost the ROI of your business organization, consider using BLE based Indoor navigation system.  And this blog will you information about how using BLE Beacons in the indoor position system can upgrade your business process with many benefits.

What is Indoor Positioning System?

An indoor position system (IPS) is a dedicated network of devices. It is used to find people or other objects at local places. GPS focuses on outdoor position. But the indoor positing system (IPS) focuses on very close locations or in-house navigation.

BLE Beacon: Indoor Positioning System

Indoor position system is built with a combination of hardware and software. It may include different kinds of hardware items. And a dedicated Indoor navigation application to opera the overall functionality. An IPS system gives many technological benefits for inventory management, supply chain management, warehouse management, or real-time location system.

Different technologies that are used in the indoor positioning system

  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Ultra-Wideband (UWB)
  • WiFi
  • Magnetic Field Detection
  • Near Field Communication
  • Gyroscope and Accelerometer

Each technology has a specific role in the indoor position or navigation system. And BLE-based indoor navigation technology is one of them. It provides specific features which are generally not possible by rest technologies.

For example, Apple’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based iBeacon solution is the most popular example of an indoor position system. It needs custom iBeacon app development to operate the system either from the web or mobile platform.

How Does BLE Beacons Based Indoor Position System Work?

BLE Beacon is a small device that establishes a Bluetooth network. This small device securely and repeatedly transmits a radio signal to other devices. And then it allows the admin of the iBeacon app to track the target user or object. These BLE Becasons enable an indoor position system to track people or any objects at a very close scale. It gives highly accurate information about the location (at a centimeter-scale).

The indoor position system works through two things

1. Positioning the Target User

BLE beacons are the backbone of indoor navigation. It enables the system to closely calculate the location of the selected person or object if it falls in the range of more than two beacons.

BLE Beacon: Positioning the Target User

Earlier indoor navigation systems were only capable of tracking the closest Beacon to the user. But with the advancement in iBeacon and BLE technology, companies are now able to use navigation technology more efficiently and productively. Top iBeacon app development companies now use BLE beacon to develop an efficient indoor navigation system.

2. iBeacon App Development

Once the Beacons detect the position of a user in their range it starts the accurate calculation of its position. And then it is sent to a web or mobile application to see all the information. In this phase, you need iBeacon app development.

This application will enable you to operate the IPS technology from a mobile device. Today, the demand for iBeacons is growing. Companies are looking for the top iBeacon app development companies that can assist them with creating a high-performing indoor navigation app.

As per the report of Fortune Business Insights, the demand for Beacon is increasing significantly. Escpaily in North America where various manufacturers are developing beacons to help industries improve their customer experience.

Top Companies That Are Using BLE based Indoor Positioning System

1. American Airlines, USA

American Airlines utilizes BLE Beacons to share location-trigged information through its mobile application. It provides information to users like boarding time, distance to gate, closest security check line, etc.

2. Walmart, USA

Walmart also uses BLE Beaoncs to send promotional offers and discounts when a customer visits the nearby store location.


Indoor positioning systems certainly give many location-based advantages that help industries to improve their existing system. And Beacons empowers the IPS technology to work with high precision.

Retail stores are using indoor navigation apps in proximity-based marketing.  Manufacturing companies are using it to improve their internal system. And the way Apple is continuously bringing advancements in iBeacon technology, businesses will need more indoor position-based solutions in the near future.

An indoor position system works well when there is a nice iBeacon application. This app empowers users with location-based benefits. So try to look for partnering with the best iBeacon app development company that can help you achieve your business goals efficiently.

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About the Author

Harry Miller is a mobile app developer and BLE expert at MobileCoderz- a leading iBeacon app development company. He works with different technology experts to develop BLE and iBeacon based applications. Besides his professional life, he loves writing articles and blogs on various technology and market trends.

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