How a movie theater should be cleaned after each session?

Movie theaters have a significant daily crowd of people a day. The seats and carpets tend to fill with dirt and food remain continuously, and that is why cleaning them is so important. Food makes carpets greasy and even sticky. Cleaning is fundamental and today more than ever we must be cautious and clean our rooms in a professional way to avoid the spread of viruses and diseases.

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The quickest solution is to vacuum both the carpets and the seats and stairs, then spray the upholstery with a spray that leaves a good smell and let it act for a few minutes. Finally, the product evaporates and the stains disappear leaving a good smell.


It is necessary to moisten a cloth and pass it gently to remove the dust with small strokes, do not drag it so that it does not get even dirtier.


It is good to use a brush to remove dust between the joints of the chairs. Then with another damp cloth, clean the surface and dry with another microfiber cloth to avoid leaving lint.


You have to collect all the garbage that has been produced during the film with the help of pipes with black bags and wheels, so it will be possible to finish earlier. In addition, it is good to place large garbage cans at the exit of the room, so that everyone can throw away the remains of soft drinks and food.


When the room is completely empty, row by row will be swept, cleaning the remains that remain on the floor. In some cases, the floor will be mopped for possible liquid spills that may have occurred.

How to clean the seats of a cinema or a theater after a session or function?

Who does not like to go to the theater or the cinema? Enjoying a good movie, a play or a concert is part of the cultural hobbies of many people. However, what happens with the cleaning and sanitation of the halls and stalls?

In the following article, SCS Group Cleaning Solution technicians review the most used methods to clean and disinfect cinemas and theaters. Do you want more information? Grab the popcorn and read on!

What to do to efficiently clean the rooms of cinemas and theaters?

Cleaning these areas of movie theaters and theaters has become more important than ever because of COVID-19. The Department of Health requires that each seat and corridor be properly cleaned and disinfected to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. 

Now, how is this cleaning carried out? What steps must be followed? What areas are priorities? Let’s see:

  • Cleaning of lamps: it can be done ‌to remove dust and bacterial remains. Using a damp cloth and passing it over the area with gentle touches will suffice. 
  • Vacuum seats and floors : a handheld vacuum cleaner can be one of the best tools for this, if this step is done between passes. However, if you want to run deeper, it is recommended to use an industrial vacuum cleaner. Pass the device through all corners.
  • Remove bad odors : many cinemas and theaters have air fresheners in the rooms, which are dosed little by little. However, if there are any seats with a bad odor or stains, the ideal is to apply a concentrated degreaser or cleaner and scrub with a cloth. 
  • Sweep and disinfect : between passes, it is best to pass a broom through each row of seats and remove dirt. In addition, to prevent possible contagion, it is best to apply a disinfectant and bactericidal spray to surfaces, both floor and seats. You have to let it dry well before reopening the room.

Once ready, the extracted dirt will be stored in garbage bags following the recycling regulations and thrown them into the appropriate container. Most movie theater or theater cleaning tasks need to be done on a daily basis. In this way, customers will have their well-being assured and business managers will provide entertainment safely.


From time to time, the seats will be cleaned more thoroughly, with cleaning foams, to remove bad odors and stains.

At SCS Group Cleaning Solution we take care of professional cleaning in movie theaters and theaters.

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