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Helpful Tip -NRIs planning for property investment in Ahmedabad

As we have seen the world unfold, Indian real estate appears to be NRI’s strength in making successful investments. The Indian market still has the potential to generate high returns. If you plan to Property Investment in Ahmedabad, you should follow this guide for safety information.

Why The Property Investment in Ahmedabad is a good option?

Numerous GOV housing projects in these recognized regions are now in progress. Accessibility of coordinated housing in modern zones of Ahmedabad is less at this point which makes such places an extraordinary venture to invest in. There was never a prime time for well-earning NRIs to put resources into the Indian real estate market than now.

NRIs are additionally eager to find the capability of the Ahmedabad real estate sectors. However, they are kept down by specific worries. These worries are veritable, yet through cautious confirmation, the risk can be extraordinarily decreased.

NRIs holding an Indian passport need no approval from the RBI to invest in the Indian realty sector. All loans applied for in India are to be repaid in Indian rupees, and Indian laws and taxation norms are to be followed during investing in real estate.

Can NRI invest in real estate?

An NRI or person of Indian origin (PIO), as defined under FEMA, are eligible to acquire by way of purchase, any immovable property in India other than agricultural land/plantation property or a farmhouse. This is under general permission that has been given by the government of India.

NRI market research

The real estate sector in developed markets is better regulated and more developed than in India. Here buyers often face many problems. Buying property in India can be difficult if the NRI does not have a reliable person to run errands in India. Then there is property management, as there are not many companies providing such services in India yet. It is even more critical that NRI has people responsible for collecting rent and managing maintenance.

Challenges Facing by NRI for Real Estate

  • Find the right builder you can rely on for project quality and delivery.
  • The project is not completed on time.
  • Ambiguous investment processes, paperwork and permits.
  • Ongoing maintenance of the property.
  • They are renting and Releasing. State of the property each time a resident moves out.
  • bad/dead investment
  • While it is true that some construction companies cheated their clients, it is also true that some construction companies in India follow all legal procedures and are honest in their business.

Checklist of Documents requires NRI to invest in Real Estate

Below are the documents you need to carry with you if you are an NRI & willing to invest in real estate property in Ahmedabad.


This is one of the most important documents to have when buying property in India. An Indian passport is required for an NRI to invest in Indian real estate. PIO and OCI cards are issued to persons from India who are currently citizens of another country. Simply put, it is equivalent to dual citizenship.

Power of Attorney for Registration

A Power of Attorney gives someone legal rights to help complete sales, registration, ownership, and other processes. This document will help you if you are an NRI and do not visit India frequently.

PAN Card

NRI does not require a PAN card to purchase property in India. However, if you are considering selling it in the future or renting it, it will be helpful when filing income tax returns, so it is recommended that you keep it with you.

Proof of Address

NRIs investing in Indian real estate must provide proof of current residential address certified by the Indian Embassy in their country of residence.

Competitive Edge of Buying Property in Ahmedabad

Favorable tax benefits 

Today, mortgage tax incentives are seamless and beneficial, making it an excellent opportunity to invest in Ahmedabad real estate. Moreover, there are always supply constraints in a thriving city like Ahmedabad, which sees the continuous movement of people. In the case of buying property in Ahmedabad, you can lower the risk by investing in other assets such as mutual funds.

Fast growing metropolis

As one of the highest-income cities, Ahmedabad offers a wide range of opportunities for entertainment, nightlife, and luxury lifestyles for all ages. Most of the population enjoys the comforts of the city, and their arrival has undoubtedly spurred further growth in residential real estate.

Best educational institution

For growing families, the city is home to several well-known educational institutions that span generations. From primary schools to research institutes, quality education and related facilities are paramount here.

A bunch of attractive places

In addition to these benefits of owning a property in Ahmedabad, one of the best things is getting to know the many attractive places, monuments, historic buildings, and more. If you are an NRI and want a good return on your real estate investment, try to find a property with all accommodation and facilities.

A specialized feature of our company is the NRI division which is headed separately by our dedicated team that caters to the special needs of our NRI Clients. It can be tedious & cumbersome for NRIs to locate and research real estate projects from abroad. Our bouquet of services ensures that your property buying experience is as smooth as silk.

NRI property investment in Ahmedabad
NRI property investment in Ahmedabad

The following services are available at our NRI desk –

  • Types of Property NRI Can buy in India
  • Remittance & Repatriation Issues
  • NRE/NRO Account Assistance
  • Getting the Property rented, on lease, Re-sale
  • Acquisition of Property through various methods in India
  • Property Mortgage Management Services
Final Thoughts! 

The main hidden road to successful property management is knowledge of real estate, the region, government, and all aspects of life around us. D and C understand that as an NRI, you grew up in the city where you live, and one day you may want to return and keep your property for the rest of your life. That is what we promise to deliver.

If you are ready for the best property in Ahmedabad, we offer complete NRI property management, including rental management, tenant management or vacancy monitoring only. As a result of NRI’s tireless efforts and dedication, NRI’s real estate investment has been anonymously expanding its horizons daily.

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