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Guide to Hajj and Umrah

Guide to Hajj and ‘Umrah

Guide to Hajj and Umrah – The pilgrimage to Mecca

The hajj (pilgrimage) on 1 page in larger legal-size letters (A4) in PDF format

hajj on 1 page in legal size (8 × 14) in PDF format

umrah and hajj (pilgrimage) on 1 page (8 × 11) with 2 sides in PDF format

Before the founding of the Saudi state, the pilgrimage was a dangerous journey, banditry was spread against the pilgrims, therefore, the pilgrims did not walk alone but always in a group, for the poor security conditions and mess, and when a man decides to travel for Hajj, his parents and friends tell him, “He who goes out for the pilgrimage is gone and he who returns is born again”, the pilgrim faces risks from all sides, either bandits or natural disasters such as floods and rains or the scarcity of water or predators that meet him during his journey, and, in addition, the fees paid by the convoys in order to allow them to pass.

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The Pilgrimage Guide and Umrah:

Alhamdullilah, At last we have compiled a page from the pilgrimage guide and Umrah. On a single page, the guide lists all the basics to help Muslims. Making a direct route to the pilgrimage and the Umrah rituals.

At those times it is not advisable to carry very heavy objects. It is very compact which means that the guide is ideal as a reference for the pilgrimage and Umrah.

At those times it is not advisable to carry very heavy objects. This guide fits on a single page, which is possible to fold that can fit in your wallet or purse and take it with you when going on the pilgrimage. Because it is concise, each person, all the people.  who have seen the guide have been impressed to see so many details and less confusion towards the pilgrimage.

Only here, you will find each step clearly, specified step by step. Without having to turn the pages of different books. Lightweight and foldable. This pilgrimage guide page holds the promise of making the pilgrimage experience easier, more accessible and acceptable, God willing. It will come in A4 size, letter size (8½ x 11) and legal size (8½ x 14), which will provide a larger font size for better visibility.

This guide provides all the basic steps and much more information to assist you:

Step by step detailing each ritual
A map of the Kaaba to help you locate Safa and Marwa
A visual representation of the steps for Tawaf
Key duas to be recited including the appropriate time and place.
The miles and kilometers of each route needed
Designs or figures for quick reference.
The necessary schedules you need.
This exclusive guide also serves for people who do not speak the Arabic language, but if English, it is also in English, Arabic, Albanian, German, Amharic, Bengali, Chinese, Sinhalese, Farsi, French, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Dutch, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Tagalog, Tamil, Telugu, Tigrinya, Turkish, Urdu, Russian, and Spanish, with more than one InshAllah language.


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