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Think of a typical day in one’s life, you’ll realised there’s a world of things that one has to do with very little time. Everyone craves to find a solution that presents itself as an opportunity to save time and get the job done. The Gojek Clone app is just that.

The Gojek Clone app is a single on demand mobile app based solution that allows people to get everything they need.  Whether it is in terms of food and groceries or help in the form of a service provider like a handyman or a plumber just with a few clicks on their smart phone.

The sheer genius of the app begs the question, why did we not think of it before? Well, that doesn’t have to be the case for an esteemed entrepreneur such as yourself. While the Gojek Clone app has received a lot of popularity in different parts of the world.  There aren’t enough apps in enough number of regions to make lives for everyone easier.

This is where you step in. With an investment in the Gojek clone app you can:

  1. Allow users to get what they want when they want it at a fair price
  2. Provide service providers to access the potential of a digital platform to reach out to maximum number of people and thereby get more jobs
  3. Make a boat load of money, by practically doing nothing

An effective mobile app has replaced tedious chores out of our lives. This is why; many entrepreneurs are putting g down their money as an investment towards this on demand mobile app based solution.


There is enough chatter on the internet about the Gojek clone app to confuse just about anyone. This is why; we thought of simplifying the whole idea behind it to help you understand the app better.

Think of the Gojek clone app as a mobile utility app that not only allows users to effectively hire service providers ranging from over 70 different categories of services but also a platform that treats service providers as partners ensuring that they can earn a fair income at their own terms.

Instead of employees, this app allows entrepreneurs to foster the entrepreneurial spirit among other service providers and collectively earning an income. The app has a service range of over 70 different services, bifurcated in 5 simple categories. They are:

  1. Transportation solution such as the on demand taxi booking solution
  2. Parcel delivery options for delivering an item from one place to another or from one place to multiple locations
  3. Store based deliveries such as on demand food ordering, on demand grocery delivery, on demand flower delivery, on demand alcohol delivery, on demand bottled water delivery and so on and so forth
  4. Service providers for hire such as doctor on demand, beautician on demand, plumber on demand, handyman on demand, electrician on demand, dog walker on demand, snow plough expert on demand, car washer on demand, window washers on demand, home cleaning on demand and more
  5. Delivery runners to run errands such as picking up the laundry etc. known as delivery genie

The Gojek clone app is primarily designed on the flow of the Gojek app started in Indonesia. Its popularity triggered a similar model being perfected, replicated and launched all over the world to make the most of services. It opens up multiple streams of revenue ensuring that the app owner gets to earn a huge profit from over 70 different services.


Of course! If you have been on the look out for an app based solution that can help you earn more without actually having to provide any service yourself.  Then the Gojek Clone app is the best solution for you.

In order to have your own successful start up with the Gojek Clone app, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Identify the pain points of the market and list out all the services that your current market requires
  2. Tie up with service providers offering those services so that when you launch your start up you already have a network that you can rely on
  3. Purchase the best Gojek Clone app that suits all your business needs


There are so many Gojek Clone App variants in the market, which it is easy to get confused and wonder which one suits your business in the best possible way. Here are a few things you can do to ensure that your app is best fitter for your needs:

  1. Purchase a launch ready app that you can hit the market with in less than a week’s time.
  2. Only activate the services from the app’s range that you see a high demand for in your research in the region where you are planning to launch the app in
  3. Check out the demo of the app before you launch it to understand it better. Testing it live will allow you to experience the app for yourself before you make your users or service providers use it
  4. Only go for a white label solution as it will ensure that the app is launched with your logo, brand name and other custom additions such as integration of the local currency and local language in the app
  5. Ensure that you get the licensed source code of the application free with the purchase
  6. Check out the testimonials of the company that you are purchasing the app from to ascertain their work culture and app’s quality
  7. Invest in an app built by a white label on demand mobile app Development Company.  That takes complete responsibility of launching the app for you on the Google Play store and the iOS app store.
  8. Make sure that you are offered a website to support your app absolutely free along with the purchase of the app. The website is an important tool to set up your brand and develop consumer trust. It can also help users who don’t have access to their smart phones to make a booking for the services.  That they need directly from the website.

The time to start your own business is now. As more and more people are switching to mobile apps for their daily requirements.  Providing them with a solution that helps them and does not clutter their cell phones is the best opportunity to establish your brand and drive up your profitability.

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