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best hostels in TUNGNATH

best hostels in TUNGNATH

Shopping addicts always keep their eye on those places from where they can purchase for themselves as a memory. Like if you are planning to travel UTTARAKHAND or the “land of gods” then you may be thinking about dropping something in the bag from there, isn’t it? Well if the answer is yes, then we are sharing the best places in UTTARAKHAND from where you can grab cultural stuff, traditional dresses, and many more. Are you ready to pick the great options from your favorite region? 

Here are some of the most favorite places in UTTARAKHAND for shopping 

Apart from the scenic beauty, UTTARAKHAND is famous for the handicrafts, arts, and paintings like many more. Most people are fans of them and someone could pick the material goods in a couple of seconds because it’s rare to find every nook of India. But it’s important to find the place where you can find it effortlessly and here we are sharing the following places which are famous for the brilliant stuff of UTTARAKHAND.  

This is the most spiritual place of UTTARAKHAND and visitors can find here various temples which are pillars of ancient INDIA. From every nook sages, pilgrims and saints come to visit the holy Ganga and nearby temples to offer prayers. Along with someone could find quality or famous things of this region like idols, gems, precious stones, and spiritual stuff. If you don’t want to hustle for the search of this stuff then you can step in straight towards the famous shops like bada bazaar, moti, and jwala market. 

Haridwar is the amalgamation of the spiritual and holy vibes, you must go there for meditation and yoga. 

Another spotting place of this region is – DEHRADUN and this is the best spot for sightseeing and lucrative things. From electronic stuff to clothing, if you reach this place then various options are available. The majority of malls, branded shops are there from where you can purchase anything or take a taste of famous foods. Whether you are a shopping fanatic or not, these marketplaces always help to learn more about the culture or traditions of the places where we are going. Some of the most famous marketplaces of DEHRADUN are – Astley halls, paltan bazaar, and Tibetan market like many more. 

No doubt this place is a heaven for the comers and the utmost serene or pristine environment will never let you return. Along with this place is best to hunt for shopping the daily required stuff or cultural stuff to save memories. In this cold region, the quality of winter protecting clothes are always up to the mark and it’s better to shop these things from where. Don’t create trouble to your shoulder after carrying a heavy bag while traveling, so it’s better to pick some of the best from here. Some of the best marketplaces in Nainital are – bada bazaar, Tibetan, Naini lake, and Mall road like many more. While exploring this picturesque destination, someone could fulfill this thirst too. 

This is the masterpiece for meditation and yoga, and the majority of visitors come here for healing the soul. In this place, someone could find several ashrams and meditation centers where you can learn more about this practice. Slaying the beauty in this place could be a mood relaxing. Along with visitors can visit this place for shopping the lucrative goods of UTTARAKHAND region. Women are fascinated by jewelry so there are many options available under an affordable budget. One of the best things about this place is that – all the khadi goods are available which reminds you of ancient or made in India. Other hitting spots for goods are – Johri, laal, tamta bazaar, and mall road which are packed with special items. 

If someone is a shopaholic in your group then you can take to them this place because this place has an amalgamation of adventure and shopping. In this place, someone could find scenic beauty, exhilarating views, and also decent quality stuff to buy from there. Some of the most famous places from where you can chase the quality product are – library market, Tibetan market, classic emporium, and mall road for a better experience. You are going with empty hands but after returning back you will be filled with tons of things. 


For shopping addicts, the following places are the best to purchase famous and traditional stuff for yourself. Next time you are visiting UTTARAKHAND then you can give the way to your friends that from where they can do shopping in a particular region. This is not a bad idea to be more talented than your friends. Along with you can suggest the best hostels in TUNGNATH or near CHOPTA under an affordable budget.

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