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For Every Milestone, the Perfect Wedding Anniversary Flowers

A wedding anniversary is a constant reminder of the beautiful day you decided to come together to tie the knot as man and wife in holy matrimony. If you want to surprise your wife with that perfect gift, then flowers will do the trick. Most anniversaries are celebrated based on the number of years the couple has stayed in the marriage. Traditional gifts are usually sent based on how many years you have married. You can also send flowers to express your love on your anniversary based on the year you are marking as a milestone. 

This article will explain the best type of flowers based on the wedding anniversary year you are celebrating. Continue reading this guide to understand which type of flowers you need to send during your anniversary. Always choose to order flowers from online flower deliveries such as Cosmea Gardens flower delivery because they provide high-quality flowers in various types and colors. Let’s look at some of the best wedding anniversary flowers to send to your spouse during your milestone anniversary. 

1st Anniversary – Carnation

If you celebrate your first anniversary, the best bouquet to send to your spouse is red carnations. Traditionally, carnations are great flowers to send on the wedding anniversary. This year is the paper anniversary for couples celebrating their first year in marriage. Carnations convey young passion, which is why they make awesome first wedding anniversary flowers. These beautiful flowers capture the sweetness, passion, and optimism of a newly found love.

2nd Anniversary – Cosmos

The lovely cosmos make awesome anniversary flowers for couples marking their second year in marriage. These flowers are regarded as the best wedding anniversary gifts for the second year that they symbolize the transition from simplistic to complex versions of love. Cosmos symbolize powerful love, and they are uniquely intense. The honeymoon phase of their marriage has ended, and now it is time to sober up and begin to nature your newborn marriage institution. 

3rd Anniversary – Sunflower

The third wedding anniversary is best celebrated by sending a bouquet or a basket of sunflowers to your spouse. Sunflowers make the best third wedding anniversary flowers because they are sturdy, representing strength, colorfulness, and passion. Sunflowers have a strong stalk, conveying the strong foundation that marriage is built on. The yellow petals are radiant and shine beautifully to represent the undying love that is now ready to stand the test of time. 

4th Anniversary – Geranium

Four years have now passed, and the couple is now strongly growing into a lovely home that is flourishing. Maybe you have a kid, or two and responsibilities are now taking center stage. The best flowers to represent this phase in marriage are geraniums. They make wonderful fourth-anniversary flowers because they convey beauty and comfort. These unique flowers are available at Cosmea Gardens, and they come in all sorts of arrangements. You can send them with a bottle of wine to make your wedding anniversary gifts special and memorable. 

5th Anniversary – Daisy

The type of flower that will make her feel loved and appreciated during your wedding anniversary is a bouquet of daisies for the fifth year. These lovely flowers have a symbolic structure because of the petals that radiate outwards. The strong center symbolizes the strong bond that the couple shares. A bouquet of radiant daisies will go a long way when you want to express your affection on your fifth wedding anniversary. 


If you want to make each of your wedding anniversaries special and fun, the best way is to buy and send wedding that are synonymous with the year you are celebrating. Fortunately, Cosmea Gardens has all the flowers that we have mentioned here and will help you make your anniversary celebration memorable and special all the time. 

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