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Field Service Success: 5 Industries That Make Use of AR

In almost every industry, business leaders are seeking to improve their field service operations. Improvements in quality and speed of service were among the top three business concerns.

It’s easy to understand why. Sending out a truck and technician every time someone has a problem with a machine not only wastes money but also takes up time and energy. A lack of field service agents is plaguing companies as a wave of experienced employees retires. And younger workers choose more exciting technology-oriented careers.

There is also frustration among customers. Downtime prevents employees from working until a technician can fix the problem – which may take more than one visit. We all feel that the traditional service model is stuck in the last century – and that’s because it is.

When they need help, field service technicians can’t connect to the right people or get the right information because they are so dedicated to helping customers solve problems.

Now that field service has expanded into new areas, digital technology is crucial to providing customers with the in-home experiences they expect.

In the absence of empowered field technicians, customer satisfaction suffers.

This picture is changing as augmented reality (AR) technology transforms the service experience.

Customers can show technicians the problem and receive visual, step-by-step guidance on their mobile devices, enabling them to solve it remotely – often within minutes – by using AR software. In cases where a visit is necessary, it is short and sweet. Since agents have already seen the job, they know what to bring and how to implement a fix.

It has the potential to revolutionize customer service, making it easier, faster, cheaper, and more pleasant for both customers and agents. According to the IDC survey, 37% of executives said developing AR/VR service capabilities over the next 12 to 24 months will be very important to them.

AR solutions are capable of providing customized help for virtually any business machine. Let’s look at five ways five industries are using AR to resolve service issues.

  1. Manufacturing –

Factory workers were the first to use AR technology, which gives them remote guidance, thus improving productivity and safety. AR enables you to walk front-line workers through complex problems with equipment on the manufacturing floor or in the shop. Artificial intelligence algorithms embedded in AR software predict production line problems, allowing managers to arrange repairs beforehand. According to the IDC FutureScape 2021 survey, 30% of G2000 manufacturers plan to use mixed reality tools by 2022, resulting in a 40% reduction in average repair times.

  1. IT services –

AR tools can troubleshoot and solve server issues and installation problems, saving companies both time and money. The field service technicians can get remote guidance from experts who are not permitted to visit the data center in person and perform routine maintenance remotely for their customers, thereby reducing equipment downtime.

  1. Property insurance –

It has been a longstanding problem that customers have to fill out lengthy claim forms and wait for an adjuster /field service technician to visit them. A new model has emerged that changes that model. Customers use their cell phones to send images and notes of the damage to a virtual adjustor in real-time without having to visit the company. The AR system stores and analyzes all content, enabling companies to improve their service and prove compliance.

  1. Banking –

AR reduces out-of-service ATMs, which are a frequent source of complaints from customers, by allowing field service technicians to work remotely.

  1. Healthcare –

In hospitals, there is a shortage of field service professionals who can maintain and repair complex, life-saving machines. By utilizing AR, vendors and third-party contractors can securely share their expertise from afar, assisting on-site staff to solve critical problems and learn more on their own.

With immersive video collaboration uniquely contextualized for each engagement, AR technology is transforming field service management in these sectors. AR helps businesses boost productivity, lower costs, conserve energy. And also improve customer satisfaction by sharing knowledge in a simple, safe, visual, and intuitive way.

In this approach, field service employees and customers are at the center of the business.

Your customer experience will naturally improve if you get the service experience right.

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