Factors To Consider While Choosing Outdoor Upholstery Fabric

It can be a daunting process to pick an ideal outdoor upholstery fabric. Maybe you are looking forward to warming up on your patio, or you live in a place where you can enjoy your outdoor space all year long. Either way, you must get enough comfort and peace to spend as much time as possible outside with your family and loved ones! While patio cushions may be a detail you have overlooked or taken for granted, durable pieces will allow you to keep your cushions attractive and comfortable.

A long-lasting material will let you get the most out of your cushions and, thus, your patio. However, which fabric is best for outdoor cushions? We will tell you everything you need to know about buying the right outdoor textile for your desired durability, price and design aesthetic.

  • Select Fabrics Labeled for Outdoor Use

Outdoor upholstery fabric is specially treated for resistance to water, stains, UV and other outside elements. Many manufacturers and sellers have a wide variety of outdoor fabrics to choose from, but let us now talk about some of the most commonly used outdoor fabrics.


-Solution-dyed Acrylic or Solution-dyed Olefin

-PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Mesh

-Marine Vinyl

Waverly fabric by the yard produces one of the finest materials for outdoor fabrics.

  • Consider Desired Durability and Price

When opting for fabric for your outdoor project, one of the most important things to consider is how durable you would like your project to be. If you are looking for a wide selection of prints and styles, along with a lower price, then look for products specifically for outdoor use: Polyester-based Outdoor fabrics.

Typically, these fabrics are medium weight, easy to sew and come in a wide selection of prints and styles. Many manufacturers treat them with UV for an average of only 500 light hours before fading occurs, so they should be brought indoors when not in use.

If you are looking for something more durable that you won’t have to worry about bringing indoors during long summer days, look for products specifically for outdoor use. It can be either Solution-dyed Acrylic or Solution-dyed Olefin fabrics. These fabrics offer more durability than polyester-based fabrics and are capable of withstanding the long hours of direct summer sunlight.

These fabrics range from medium to heavyweight canvas or jacquard-style fabrics, particularly made for durability. While there are limited prints, these fabrics get their color from solution-dyed fibers before makers spin them into the fabric, drastically reducing any fading from UV rays. People often use this fiber for outdoor awnings, umbrellas and covers. Usually, these fabrics have a higher abrasion resistance as well, making them ideal for outdoor upholstery, cushions and pillows.

One common approach is combining both of these fabric types. Utilize acrylic fabrics for all your solids, which will last much longer, and add polyester fabrics to incorporate that personal touch to your outdoor space.

  • Heavy Duty Outdoor Projects

If you are working on a project like poolside or patio chairs, look for fabrics labeled as PVC Mesh. People commonly use PVC Mesh fabric in sling-style outdoor furniture – pool chairs and patio chairs that have a plastic-like basket weave look. Water can percolate through them, they dry swiftly, and most exhibit resistance to fading. As PVC mesh doesn’t stretch, they don’t need any cushioning underneath for support- you simply attach it to a metal or wood furniture frame.

Marine vinyl is ideal for heavy-duty upholstery, like a boat or automotive upholstery. The most durable of outdoor fabrics is marine vinyl.

These are some factors you must consider while buying outdoor upholstery fabric.


Regardless of a home’s price point, the outdoor living spaces have become a standard feature in new home construction. All the landscape architects, designers, realtors, and building contractors vouch for it. The trend is to make an outdoor living area that mimics indoor living.

Based on your preference for style and comfort, there are sufficient outdoor fabric options for your cushions. Regardless of what you decide to opt for, remember that you can extend the life of your cushions with regular maintenance. So, you must wipe them after rain to prevent mildew and mold from developing and wash them monthly. This will help you get rid of surface dirt, even when the weather is not intense or rainy.

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