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Exciting Sightseeing Spots in Santiago de Chile

Plaza de Armas/La Chascona – One of the main sights you’ll want to see while in Santiago is the beautiful Plaza de Armas or central market. The square is a series of shops, restaurants, and cafes that cross paths with a long pedestrian-friendly walkway. This is the place to go to buy fresh groceries, fruits, and vegetables or just to stroll around and experience the very real flavor of Chile. vuelos desde Nueva York a Santo Domingo If you’re planning a visit to this area during your time in Chile, be sure to check out the metro cathedral.

The Santiago Central Park

Known as the “Green City” of Chile, Santiago central park is a great place to explore nature and the natural landscape of the region. While here, be sure to take in the many outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, golf, picnics, swimming, and more. The park also has a large indoor children’s playground and a couple of great restaurants. It’s an ideal location to plan a family outing.

Santa Fe de Antioquia 

While on your Santiago tours in Santana, you’ll definitely want to check out the Santa Fe de Antioquia. It’s the capital city of the provinces of Chile and Argentina. While here, you can explore local art, history, dance, and cuisine. The second-oldest part of town, the Plaza de Armas or the heart of the old city, is currently home to two modern museums: the National History Museum and the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Cerro Santa Lucia 

This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region of scintillating beauty, spectacular hills, and panoramic views of incredible Chile. Near the town of Santa Lucia, there is a picturesque beach with stunning and tranquil white sand beaches and panoramic waterfalls. Near the beach, you’ll find the Old Cathedral and the main park of Cerro Santa Lucia. This Park has many different types of gardens and even a sculpture garden. It features the world’s largest collection of flying creatures. You can also walk along the beach, take a lazy stroll through the park and experience the sights and sounds of nature.

If you are looking for historical and religious museums in scintillating Chile, you will not be disappointed. You can visit the Asbestos Museum or the Natural History Museum to learn more about the effects of asbestos on humans. Other museums that you may want to visit include; the Anatomical Museum,

Military Museum, the Historical Museum, or the Pontificio Marzio Museum. pasajes de Nueva york a Santiago  If you wish to see a movie or documentary film about the scintillating natural beauties of Chile, you can visit the Film House Cinema or the Video Studio. These museums are also great places to go for a picture spot, especially if you are traveling with friends or families.

Museums in Santiago 

Sightseeing while vacationing – For those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives, sightseeing in Santiago is an excellent choice. There are numerous sites in Santiago that you can visit, but our most favorite is the act of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is a natural hot spot that has been voted as one of the top sites to see in Chile by National Geographic Traveler. Tourists often return here year after year, as it is a place filled with charming beauty and lush mountains that offer a perfect vacation experience.

When planning your next vacation, we highly recommend that you plan to visit Santiago sightseeing during your stay in the capital city of Chile. Chile is an extremely beautiful destination that offers visitors a chance to see incredible natural beauty in its pristine settings. Many people also choose to enjoy Santiago travel in addition to a visit to the national monuments of Chile like the Santa Cruz de Tenerife and the Viridian Mountains. By visiting these key attractions in Santiago during your time out of town, you give yourself the unique chance of experiencing a first-class traveling experience that will linger in the mind for years to come. We look forward to booking your next vacation in Santiago with Tiquetes De Vuelos!


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