Everything you need to know about office cleaning protocol

From SCS Group we wanted to make this post to tell you everything you need to know about the office cleaning protocol . Do not stay without knowing the most important and the steps to follow.

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As you already know, a lot of people pass through the office, so it is convenient that the workplace is clean and sanitized.

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The office is the place where you spend the most time, and as a general rule you want the office to be clean and follow hygiene criteria.

Therefore, the most common is to hire a maintenance company . At SCS Group you have the best cleaning services for offices and with the best professionals in the sector, so that the work is done in the most professional and thorough way possible.

Steps to follow for office cleaning

When you are going to clean your work, by common sense you will have to follow a cleaning protocol and adapt the techniques and products to the surfaces and materials to have a perfect result.

So that your office is always sparkling, we are going to give you some tricks, so take note because we are going to teach you everything you need to know about cleaning protocol.

Floor cleaning

The office floor is, without a doubt, the one that ends up the dirtiest throughout the day, so it is very normal to find footprints or even leftover food from lunch.

The mop is the tool par excellence since it better traps dust and captures all the dirt.

It is essential to leave the floor free of debris to scrub it later and leave everything clean. If it is a ceramic floor, it is best to use the usual cleaning and disinfection products such as bleach, floor cleaner or ammonia. If the floor is wooden parquet, you should do without the products, better scrub with water or a pinch of soapy product or hand soap.

For carpets, the best solution is to vacuum periodically and you should use specialized cleaning machines based on injection-extraction or dry foam techniques.

Furniture cleaning

Dust is the main enemy of office furniture. They give a dirty appearance and do not convey a good image of the company. Therefore, constant maintenance must be carried out, and all accumulated dust must be cleaned.

As in everything, depending on the material, use one product or another. The normal thing is to pass a duster first and then pass a chamois with the product.

If the furniture that we are going to treat is made of wood, just a damp cloth will be enough, avoid using polishes and sprays, then the wood will lose its original appearance. Hayallerinizdeki bayanlar burada istanbul escort bayanlar, istanbul escort hayallerinizi yaşamak için gelin. When the wood is already very deteriorated, it is advisable to hydrate it.

Cleaning of chairs and upholstered surfaces

To increase the comfort of workers, upholstered furniture is chosen, and they require a correct cleaning protocol.

It is very important to vacuum the upholstered area every day to remove all the dirt and prevent it from accumulating. Periodically, it is advisable to apply specialized cleaning products for upholstery and from time to time it is necessary to use specialized machines such as those used for carpeted floors.

Other objects

There are objects that are on the furniture. Lift them from the furniture and clean the surface where they are located.

The waste bins will be emptied and cleaned with a neutral detergent solution, the bag will be changed and placed in its place.

Cleaning of electronic devices

What would we do without computers? Almost every employee in an office has their own computer. The keyboard, the mouse, the printer, etc. Being in direct contact with the skin can transmit germs, so cleaning it is vital.

The office cleaning protocol for electronic devices begins by disinfecting them every day, in order to prevent bacteria from being a problem for employees, and then keeping them clean with a cloth and cleaning products. Do not use the product directly on the device.

With monitors, it is best to pass a duster and special clothes or with specialized products so that the screens are not damaged.

Office cleaning products

Doing an office cleaning increases the productivity of the workers and a good work environment. So much so, that from SCS Group we recommend a series of cleaning products you should consider.

If what you want is to hire a cleaning company in SCS Group, we offer you all kinds of services.

Bathrooms and toilets

It is advisable to do a bathroom cleanliness control. To do this, you will need an anti-limescale product, a white fiber pad that does not scratch the surface.

We should use a disinfectant such as a chlorinated cleaner, or a descaled.

For the ground

For this type of surface, there is a wide variety of cleaning products, it only depends on the material from which we make it.

Terracotta, stoneware, or synthetic floors, the ammoniacal cleaner works. As for shiny floors, it is advisable to use a cleaner with bio alcohol.

We can use something that never fails, and for many floors, mopping floors with a neutral PH. If the floor is made of natural stone, you must use a specific product.

 you can use the cotton mop and this will be its effectiveness, in other areas with a brush it will be enough.

If the floor is large, a mop with a suitable bucket will work best.

tables and furniture

We cleaned this type of furniture with a microfiber cloth impregnated with a multi-surface spray cleaner. Do a good desk cleaning since it is the workplace of the employees.

ecological cleaning products

There is a wide variety of ecological products such as floor cleaners, scouring pads, cloths, and chemicals. Organic products must have the Eco-label, which certifies that the products meet the characteristics to be called an organic product.

What is the difference between cleaning and disinfection?

With the years of experience we have, we know that cleaning and disinfection are not the same.

During cleaning with soap and water, only the surface dirt and some germs will be removed, but disinfection is something very different.

Doing a good disinfection and sterilization cleaning will create an extra layer of security by eliminating those microorganisms that can be spread to office employees.

Once cleaning is complete, surfaces may appear clean, but dormant bacteria could be lurking. Depending on the conditions, some bacteria or germs can live on the surface for several hours or even several days.

To follow the cleaning protocol, it is important to use disinfection products in all areas where more people pass through, and that is where more germs may be.

  • Kitchen or coffee room
  • common rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • desks

Cleaning and maintenance companies have to complete the office cleaning protocol with this disinfection process, to ensure that all areas and surfaces are properly cleaned.

This correct office cleaning helps workers carry out their activities in a clean environment, and they will have less risk of getting sick from germs and causing sick leave.

We hope that this post has been very useful to you, and we invite you to leave your comments or contact us if you need more information about it. We will wait for you!


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