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Drawing Room Wall Design Ideas

For Those Drawing Room Walls, Some Weird Designs

Designing a room that can be used for both amusement and reading, procrastination and pursuit, entertainment and introspection, is a difficult task. How can one become fixated on a design that serves as both a work and a living space?

Focusing on the building of a statement wall is one of the most effective methods to improve the interior of a room. Walls are canvases that you may use to give your drawing room a spectacular makeover while using very little space. Here are amazing Drawing Room Wall Design Ideas, from Interior Designer in Noida ranging from antique to contemporary, that are sure to transform a drab wall into something spectacular!

Drawing Room Wall Design Ideas in Minimalist Style

There’s nothing like a plain white wall with a splash of vivid color to accentuate the minimalist atmosphere. In this design, you can employ abstract shapes painted in bright colors, such as the bordered yellow pyramid. It appears to be effortless while being quite fashionable. If you pick a more minimalistic wall like this, you can complete the design with an inverted triangular vase shelf that perfectly complements the triangle on the wall. Make a square move. Any geometric shape will look really gorgeous.

Rustic Drawing Room Wall Design

Isn’t your drawing room the one area where you look forward to unwinding, being creative, and feeling relaxed? Earthy tones establish the tone for this. A quiet sit-out would be enhanced by a lovely stone wall that appears abstract and primitive while also being highly stylish. Furthermore, there is no need to accessorize the design because the allure of this wall is in the natural stone texture. You might choose to add miniature hanging pendant lights in a soft grey tone to complement the design, which doesn’t take away the focus from the wall but still give an unrivaled charisma! You may create the ideal reading location in your drawing room by selecting the right vintage chairs.

For The Drawing Room Wall, An Eclectic Design

Whether you choose black and white or a rainbow of colors, displaying art on a wall by transforming it into a canvas never fails to add visual appeal to a space. A painting of a majestic crane, best suited for someone searching for an artistic drawing room design, does a lot to capture attention, making it the focal point of your design. Black is an underappreciated wall color, and this painting set against a black background gives the area a unique vibe.

Drawing Room Wall Design Ideas in Neoclassical Style

This minimalist wall design is the epitome of all things nice, looking rich in an ancient sort of way but with a modernistic twist. Sometimes all you need is a royal mirror to transform a plain wall into something spectacular. The golden mirror on the wall sets the tone for the rest of the furniture — a gorgeous golden-colored study light, abstract pillows with golden polygon designs, and lovely mustard draperies – to fall into place wonderfully. A regal motif necessitates delicate backdrops — big beige punctuated by white frames to make your modern-day drawing room feel like a king’s palace.

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