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Do I need a VPN Software for a Smartphone?

Almost everyone in the world has a smartphone, but only a few of us understand that a phone’s security is not enough. There might be a few basic security features that come with it, but is it enough to stop malware and other forms of cyberthreats?

I highly doubt it!

Then, there is the situation where you want to access a particular streaming service or your bank app while traveling abroad, and won’t be able to due to geo-restrictions. All this comes into the works, where maximizing the full potential of your smartphone matters.

So why do you need a VPN for your smartphone?

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Whether you use an Android or an iOS smartphone, a VPN will help a long way! Of course, there is no rule that you NEED to get one, it just adds extra perks or benefits. We’ll discuss that ahead:

1. Access to numerous streaming services or apps

Not everyone can access the best streaming services or apps while traveling abroad. Every country comes with a different set of online laws or regulations. It can be around the kind of content you view, the types of websites you visit, or how you use the internet in general.

A VPN will allow you to safely access geo-restricted content, apps, or any kind of services that you might be blocked out of while traveling outside the country. For starters, you live in the US, and are planning to visit India. With a VPN, and with connection to a VPN’s US IP address, you can access your e-banking apps.

You can even use a premium VPN’s free trial to test it out before making any decisions.

2. Bypass ISP speed throttling and surveillance

As mentioned above, the laws in every country always vary. Some enforce online surveillance, while ISP throttling is all over the world. If you’ve paid for a high internet, and your speeds are slower than usual, chances are that your ISP is throttling your bandwidth and speeds.

A VPN helps bypass ISP throttling and offers unlimited bandwidth so that you can use the internet on your smartphone without any restrictions. Plus, it helps with online surveillance when you access a couple of websites or apps.

3. Protection from unsecure public Wi-Fi or hotspots

Have you ever heard of the term “stranger danger?” The same applies to when you connect to a public Wi-Fi, you will never know what the outcome will be. Most public Wi-Fis are often vulnerable and susceptible to cyberattacks. This is especially alarming when you use a public Wi-Fi at a cafe, the airport or other public hotspots. A VPN can help you safely connect to them.

4. Added security

Your smartphones are not encrypted, and in fact, neither are the countless apps you download on it. A VPN will pass all your data to and from your phone to the internet. It passes it through a secure tunnel.

Other than that, it offers other advanced security features like a Kill Switch, Split-Tunneling, GPS spoofing and more that you can use for online protection of device and data.

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