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Diving Deep into the World of Abstract Paintings

Abstract art is the medium that uses a visual language of shape, colour, form, and lines to generate a composition that may prevail with a degree of independence distinct from the visual references in the world.

Why are Abstract Paintings so Popular?

The most distinguishing feature of abstract art is it has no single characteristic or distinct feature. It is interpreted by the artist’s mastery of innovation and develops a modern masterpiece.

You can buy paintings online India on the seven elements of colour, line, tone, form, and texture.

The artworks of abstract artists are the dynamic methods, subjects, and concepts that defy definitions and challenge traditional boundaries.

Eclectic and diverse, abstract art is distinguished by the depletion of an ideology, uniform organizing principle, or -ism.

Characteristics to know before you buy abstract art  

  • Abstract art opposes figurative art and Renaissance Model
  • It is a form of Non-Representational art
  • Abstract art can be categorized into Subjective art
  • The form has an absence of recognizable objects
  • Valuation of colour, shapes, textures, and lines

If you are the one more interested in ideas and concerns than aesthetics, buy art online India from reputable stores like Artists here experiment with ideas and materials in different ways.

What makes abstract art more attractive? 

Rather than pointing to the realistic imitation, or truthful depiction of an object, abstract art takes the other non-objective artistic elements of form, shape, line, colour, and line. Artists use abstract techniques to explore ideas beyond their canvas and our mundane physical reality.

Some people buy paintings online India because abstraction allows visitors to see with their minds what they cannot see physically with their eyes. Abstract art encourages the artist to anticipate beyond what is tangible, to take the infinite out of the finite. Abstract art helps emancipate the mind by helping you to take an exploration into unknown areas.

Some of the abstract paintings you can get from are landscape, pastoral, leaf, germination, by the river, adorned face, and celebration.

You can choose from the masterpiece of Jogen Chowdhury like Thoughts or Ganesh Haloi’s Landscape, or you can collect one from Rivers run through it, swept away, bedrock by Veena Advani, Starbust, midnight blue, end of the day, and the missing link by Dipankar Ghosh.

On the Artists worth Mentioning

Veena Advani

Veena Advani paints sophisticated and layered abstract paintings that analyze the themes of relationship, identity, and the natural world.

Her signature hand-embroidered canvases are the elaboration of a remarkable career with New York’s most esteemed fashion houses. She loves to experiment with embroidery as a textural element in works that are elemental and transporting.

Jogen Chowdhury

Jogen Chowdhury is a distinguished Indian artist of 21st-century India. Graduated from the Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata, and later at École Nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, in 1967, he lives and works in Santiniketan.

He has developed his style and continues to inspire youth artists once he has returned from Paris. His most famous paintings are in pastel, ink, and water colour. He paints in oil medium as well.

Dipankar Ghosh

Aspiring artists like Dipankar Ghosh from Kolkata have a beautifully detailed collection of abstract paintings. His paintings are the artist’s perspective of the world.

Interior Designing with Abstract Art

Modern-day interior design is characterized by a monochromatic colour palette, minimalism, clean lines, natural light, and natural materials.

Diverse and distinct, abstract art is differentiated by the insufficiency of a uniform organizing principle, -ism, or ideology.

The most distinctive feature of abstract art is it has no specific feature or single characteristic. It is comprehended by the artist’s proficiency to express and create a masterpiece.

If you are interested in abstract art, buy art online India based on the seven elements of line, colour, value, shape, space, texture, and form.

The paintings of abstract genre artists are a vibrant collection of subjects, methods, and concepts that defy the challenge and definition of conventional limitations.

If you are the one more enthusiastic about impressions and problems than aesthetics, buy paintings online India from reliable stores like Artists here attempt to experiment with materials and ideas in different ways.

Buy art online India that has value. It enables you to have insight and question certain ideological, socio-cultural, or political developments and state awareness.

Abstract art offers food for thought and encourages debate.


It has been a century now that Abstract art has been with us in one form or another. It has proved to be not only a long-standing crux of cultural debate but a crucial self-renewing tradition of creativity. Human nature is to be attracted to opaque and demystify them. Maybe that’s why abstract art remains so popular with the population.

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