Detailed Guide about Vizio Smart TV Remote application

Vizio Smart TV Remote: Nowadays, people using smart television need not worry in case their television’s original remote control is lost.

This is mainly because of the introduction of smart remote controlling applications that are available on the Google play store or app store.

Most smart television brands have their own remote-control applications released online to make their customers’ lives even more sophisticated.

Furthermore, you can download these remote applications on your smartphones (Android/ iOS). This application utilizes your smartphone’s infra-red feature to control your television.

This article basically discusses one such remote application that is specifically designed to control the smart television brand called Vizio. 

About Vizio Smart Television

Vizio smart television is an American company. Vizio Inc was started in the year 2002 by William Wang. Apart from smartphones, tablets, and computers, the Vizio company also started producing smart televisions.

This Vizio smart television is user-friendly with amazing features. The features includes screen types such as LCD, LED, OLED, QLED, and much more.

The Vizio smart television has an operating system known as the SmartCast operating system.

This operating system is less responsive when compared to other televisions that work based on android operating systems. The Vizio smart television manufacturers provide Vizio television along with its original remote control to control their smart tv.

Apart from this, the Vizio company has also developed their own smart television remote controlling application. It helps to control the Vizio smart tv when they face problems with their original remote control

A detailed note on this Vizio remote application and the methods to install and set up that application is discussed further in this article. You can also read Best Roku Channels.

Features of Vizio SmartCast Remote Application

The Vizio SmartCast remote application has all the features that are present in the original remote control provided along with the Vizio smart television by its manufacturers to control it.

The SmartCast application has power buttons. You can use them to switch on /off your Vizio smart TV. There are volume buttons to increase or decrease the volume, and a home button to switch to the home option of your Vizio smart TV, a back button, and much more.

Using these remote-control buttons, you can control your Vizio smart television effortlessly in the absence of its original remote control. 

Instructions to Install Vizio SmartCast Remote Application

The following are the set of instructions you should follow to install the Vizio SmartCast Remote application on your smartphone (Android/ iOS). Follow these steps carefully to install smartcast remote application.

  • Connect your Vizio smart television plug to the power socket. 
  • Switch on your Vizio smart television and connect it to your Wi-Fi network. 
  • Ensure that your Vizio smart television and your smartphone (Android/ iOS) are connected to the same internet connectivity as your home network. 
  • Check whether your internet connection has at least 50mbps speed for your Vizio smart television to respond faster. 
  • Open your Smartphone (Android/ iOS) and click open the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). 
  • On the search bar present on the top right corner of your application, search for the Vizio SmartCast application on it. 
  • Select the option Install present on the right side of your smartphone screen. 
  • After the installation, open the Vizio SmartCast application and log in using your user details. 
  • Select the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions of the Vizio SmartCast application. 
  • Further on the Vizio SmartCast application select the casting icon on the top right corner of the application to search for the available devices. 
  • From the available devices, select your Vizio smart television name. 
  • You will get a pin on your Vizio smart television. 
  • Enter this pin on your Vizio SmartCast application present on your smartphone. 
  • After the pairing, you can now control your Vizio smart television using your smartphone (Android/ iOS) with the SmartCast application successfully. Similar post Paramount Plus PS5

Wrapping up

This article on Vizio smart television Smartcast application helps the users of Vizio smart tv to control their television without the help of their original television remote control.

This SmartCast application is available free of cost for the Vizio smart television users. You can easily download from the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS). 

We hope that there are no more queries regarding this topic. If still you are facing any issue, then feel free to mention that in the comment section.

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