Dedicated SMTP Servers: A Guide to Pick the Right Email Server Hosting

Do your employees often complain about not receiving business emails? Are you concerned about the security of your business communication? If yes, you’ll agree how annoying it is. It’s primarily because of the email hosting server, i.e. the less storage space and outdated security measures they offer. Imagine if there’s a solution to this annoyance. A way to receive emails anytime, anywhere, no matter the place or time? Dedicated SMTP servers are answers to this problem. Learn more about dedicated SMTP server by reading our guide on how they can keep your business communications secure. Also, get some tips to pick the right email server hosting to enjoy fast delivery of your critical business emails.

When it comes to choosing an email hosting server, there are many things to consider. For example, you want your business email to be secure, accessible from different devices, etc. There are many options for email hosting servers, and it can be challenging to know where to start. If you feel the same, refer to this guide to understand one should consider dedicated SMTP servers hosting their emails.

This blog post will help you pinpoint the features that one must consider while selecting email server hosting so that you can find the best fit for your needs. But first, let’s find out the different types of email hosting servers available to know which will work best for you.

Email Server Hosting- Know the Different Types Available

Although email hosting servers are an essential part of an organized email system, they are often underestimated. They play a role in regulating your incoming and outgoing emails by maintaining a central location that stores all email messages sent or received. If you are not sure which type of email server hosting you need, read on to learn more about IMAP and POP3.

IMAP Email Hosting

IMAP or Internet Message Access Protocol is an email host that lets users access their email from different devices while storing their messages in a common mailbox. All the folders available on the servers get synchronized with IMAP, allowing users to access emails from any device.

POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3)

As the name suggests, POP3 or Post Office Protocol 3 is a protocol that enables multiple devices to access the emails on the server at the same time. The work of this protocol is to save emails on the servers so that users can access them offline.

IMAP Vs POP3 – Which is a Better Choice?

Managing an email system can be a real challenge, but there is a better way. The correct choice and implementation of email hosting servers can make all the difference. One of the biggest benefits of using IMAP email hosting servers is that they fix the storage concerns by keeping all the emails on the server. By this means, email will enter your devices only when you’ll allow them to use the space.

Compared to IMAP email hosting, POP3 acts fast. But it comes with certain limitations, such as you’ll not be able to access your business emails on your smartphone. It doesn’t allow you to forward emails, and you’ll have to take backups within every 30 days.

Choosing between IMAP and POP3 email hosting servers can be a little tricky for most users. It would help if you considered certain factors before deciding which formats to use when creating your emailing system, and it will help you make an informed decision.

Why Does Your Business Need Dedicated SMTP Servers?

With spam emails almost choking up our inboxes, it can be hard to tell the difference between genuine emails you might be interested in and malicious ones. Also, due to their numbers, these spam messages can slow down your overall system performance.

Suppose you don’t have anti-spam protection or are not very diligent with keeping your account information secure. In that case, nothing is stopping these spam messages from making their way into your computer. And with things like phishing emails now spawning with alarming frequency, this is often the first route cybercriminals take when infiltrating a computer system. It’s why businesses look for dedicated SMTP servers as their email hosting solutions, and these servers ensure maximum security keeping your business communication safe from any cyberattack.

Now, you know why you should go with dedicated SMTP servers. It’s time to look at the factors that one needs to look at while searching for a reliable email server hosting service provider. Let’s find out the answer in the next section.

Top 2 Factors Every Business Must Consider Finalizing any Email Server Hosting

Having an email system that works well for everyone is not easy, and it requires compiling multiple software, hardware and networks. When it’s your business or organization, you want to get the most out of your email system without overspending, but there are so many options to choose from it’s often hard to choose the best one.

Get helpful information for choosing the best-equipped email server hosting company near you. This way, your team will be able to focus on small businesses and running your company – not dealing with IT issues that distract from core business goals. Check out the two essential factors that every business must consider before selecting dedicated SMTP servers.

1.  Security- A Must-Have Criteria that you Need to Check

Setting up an email server is a complicated process. When you have hundreds of users accessing thousands of emails every day, you need a reliable server that gives you a high level of performance and reliability.

The wrong email server can wreak havoc on your business. When your email goes down, productivity grinds to a halt because everyone in the company stops what they’re doing to try and get back to work. In the meantime, customers get frustrated when they can’t reach anyone by phone or email. It’s a recipe for disaster! Thus, one needs to check the security aspects carefully before making any choice. With dedicated SMTP servers, there’s no need to worry about cyberthreats or attacks.

2.  Pricing- Select a Server that Suits your Budget

If your business depends on email to stay in touch with clients, you need a reliable email hosting provider to avoid the inevitable issues. A good email server host will keep you away from spam traps, non-compliance with regulations, poor data protection, slowness of email delivery, lack of control over the system. Good services come with a price tag. So, make sure your selected service provider offers services that suit your budget.


If you’re experiencing slow email performance, crashing, outages and errors in the areas of security compliance and network configuration, it’s time to upgrade. Select dedicated SMTP servers to witness how this email server hosting will change the way you’ll manage your business emails. If you need any assistance, contact Go4hosting experts by calling at +91-120-6025102.

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