DC inverter Air Conditioner

Every one of us is always interested in investing money in a DC inverter Air conditioner rather than a normal AC. That is because of the money and energy saved in this investment. Instead of looking into other brands for the ACs, you have to certainly look for the Hyundai Power AC. This brand has supremacy over the other brands due to its brand new technology.

How inverter AC works?

Before getting deeper into what an inverter is, we will first discuss what is AC. You can consider an air conditioner like a powerful machine that produces cooling air while maintaining the temperature of the area constant. Now, let’s discuss the workings of inverter ACs.

Nowadays, you will find the popularity of these ACs. People prefer using the inverter types of AC. The change of the motor in an inverter has made its work more efficient. The motto of these air conditioners is to conserve power while controlling the amount of cooling. Companies make sure their compressors and the speed of their motor are constantly synchronized in order to save energy.

You might wonder which gas is used in AC. It uses Freon gas.

How do air conditioners work?

You must know, that an AC works by converting the low pressured gas into a higher pressured gas. It will take in the surrounding heat. Also, it heats up the gas in this process. The condenser found in Ac will then cool down this gas to a low temperature in a liquid. This process repeats by transforming gas into a liquid and then reversing it back.

Generally, the condenser will absorb the heat from the surroundings and cool it down using coils, etc. They have fixed a motor inside the AC which will release this cool air to the surroundings.

Inverter vs. non inverter AC

Consider the difference between inverter and non-inverter AC.

  1. An DC inverter Air conditioner does not completely turn off the compressor once your room has reached the set point. Rather, it will only decrease the compressor’s speed. A non-inverter AC will immediately turn off once it reaches its set point.
  2. Whenever the room temperature decreases, the compressor automatically increases its speed to maintain the temperature. In non-inverters, the compressor restarts when the room temperature changes, consuming more power in the process.
  3. This particular type of AC does not harm the environment, while non-inverter AC is sometimes harmful.
  4. However, you have to spend more money on an inverter AC than on a non-inverter AC. Still, the inverter one has a great life span and uses less energy.

Hyundai DC inverter ACs

Whenever it comes to the selection of an AC, you will have to do deep research on it. One of the outstanding brands in this particular field is Hyundai power. Check out the versatility of designs in their models from where you can select the most suitable yet best model of AC. Their elegant and stylish designs are likely to be chosen.

These are the different series of DC inverters.

  • Orchid
  • Solitaire
  • Vogue
  • Aster
  • Maestro series
  • Flair

This brand uses the latest and new technology in all aspects of producing the AC. Here are some key features of Hyundai AC.

  • Energy

No doubt, an AC consumes too much energy. That is why you should always consider inverter ACs. In this specific type of AC, the compressor will keep on running without turning off. So, it will not have to restart again and again after the desired temperature is achieved. This one is the plus point of the AC. Hence, you can conclude their ACs don’t need too much energy for their operation.

  • Economical

As compared to other brands, this brand offers you the efficient features of DC inverter AC at reasonable prices.

  • Quality

They have used non-corrosive copper pipes that don’t corrode easily. Also, their compressor and motor are noise-friendly and less pollution causing. Similarly, their machinery doesn’t get damaged even if you have used it for years.

  • Smart connection

You can easily operate the AC with your mobile phones by configuring it with the phones. This feature is quite convenient to use wherever and whenever you want to operate your AC.

  • Maintenance

This brand offers you an easy-to-maintenance facility that is provided at their repair centers.


The dc inverter Air conditioner are expensive to purchase but tend to be the best investment a person can do in his/her home. However, this brand, Hyundai is providing you leverage. All of their models are available at economical rates with the latest technology found in them. Furthermore, you could get them in variable sizes and specs.

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