Creative Ways To Use Perfume Samples

While purchasing perfumes brings along a lot of confusion and worry, it also comes with an option to buy perfume samples online. If you are a perfume lover who is crazy about fragrances, you would definitely be keen to try out perfume miniatures before buying the full bottles. However, due to several restrictions like time, a busy lifestyle, etc can compel one to look for the testers online. That being said, we all know what mini perfume samples get used for – to choose your signature scent after trying all of them. But, did you know there are several other ways to use these fragrances other than this? If not, read on to explore what all ways can you use the scent samples:

Spray Perfume Samples On Your Linens

There can get nothing cozier than getting to cuddle up in a warm blanket that comprises musky and sandalwood fragrance notes. If not musk or sandalwood, try using inviting or alluring perfume samples to freshen up your linens. You can even turn them into throw blankets and sheets and snuggle up together with your loved ones in the evenings and enjoy the romance. 

DIY Dry Shampoo

You all may know by now that making your own dry shampoo is a super easy task to do and cheap, too! All you need to do is take some baby powder or cornstarch. Soak it in any oil and apply on your scalp in between washes. Use your perfume miniatures to add a little fragrance to your DIY dry shampoo. Only for those days when you are in a rush.

DIY Carpet Refresher

We all know that carpets tend to acquire a lot of uncalled for stinks and odours. After all the reasons can be several – From pets to mildew problems. Try using your perfume testers in a DIY carpet refreshing recipe. All you have to do is include a few drops or sprays of the perfume into some baking soda. After that, sprinkle it all over your home carpets. Once the mixture has settled down there for around 5 to 10 minutes, use a vacuum cleaner and remove it to leave behind a lovely scent in any room.

Scented Hair Accessories

Mini perfume samples may prove to be great in helping to scent your hair. However, it is essential for you to know that perfume samples too contain alcohol that can cause your hair to dry out when sprayed on them directly. As an alternative, you can buy perfume testers from online perfume brands like Adiveda Natural, who manufacture natural fragrances that are also alcohol-free. So, now you can scent your hair accessories with your unemployed perfume samples. For instance, you can soak your ponytail holders in the organic perfume or spritz it onto tying bows and scrunchies. Doing so will help you give your hair some much-needed and added fragrance.

We hope these creative ways help you use your perfume samples perfectly without making a lot of fuss. Natural perfume miniatures are the right way to go and explore which signature scent has been made keeping your persona in mind. Enjoy the scented rides! Happy shopping!

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