Colorful Mystic Topaz Gemstones for Sale

If you’re looking to buy loose natural mystic topaz gemstones, the first thing you need to know is that they come in a range of different colors. The most popular color of mystic topaz gemstone is blue, but you can also find them in pink, yellow, purple, green and white hues as well. Loose natural mystic topaz gemstones are some of the rarest ones on earth, which makes them incredibly valuable as well as beautiful and unique to boot! Find out more about the history of loose natural mystic topaz gemstones and how much they cost by reading this article!


Mystic topaz is a unique variety of quartz

colorless quartz with colorful aluminum inclusions. The most common colors are blue, red, yellow and green—all of which can be seen in natural mystic topaz stones. Some rare specimens are orange or purple! It’s thought that these colored inclusions give mystic topaz its strong healing properties.


Mystic topaz gets its name from its prismatic flashes of color

blues, purples, reds and greens. It is a rare variety of quartz that has a natural color enhancement due to trace elements of titanium. Most mystic topaz is found in Brazil; it also can be found in Russia, Africa and parts of North America. For many centuries, mystics believed topaz was capable of bringing about miracles – and with its rainbow spectrum, mystic topaz certainly fits the bill! It makes a fabulous gift for anyone born in September – as well as anyone who admires magical stones or gemstones with colorful accents. As far as gemstone meanings go, topaz represents intelligence and honesty – which are two qualities you will find in people born under September’s sign: Virgo.


Where to buy mystic topaz gemstones in NYC

When looking to buy mystic topaz gemstones you’ll probably want to head to your local jeweler or have a look online. However, some people prefer their gems rough, which means they need a reliable way of cutting and polishing them. If you fit into that category, consider searching for loose natural mystic topaz gemstones in NYC as many suppliers can cut and polish it for you so that it has a beautiful crystal shape and glistens with an even more vibrant sheen. Be aware though that buying loose onyx stone requires a bit more effort than buying already-cut gems but results are guaranteed as these natural gemstone cutters will only work with high quality minerals.


Mystic topaz makes great gifts because it comes in so many colors

pink, yellow, blue, green and orange. Its enchanting color variations can be found in Brazil, Madagascar and a few other African countries. Your gemstone should be free of damage to get top dollar from a jeweler. Faceted mystic topazz has been valued since ancient times; with its kaleidoscope of colors, it really captures your eye and catches your attention like no other stone. But before you buy one, you’ll want to consider some factors: cut (shape), clarity (clarity) and carat weight (size). Cut is important because it affects sparkle—when light bounces off a facetted gemstone it glitters with great brilliance which is what makes people look at your jewelry again!


Mystic topaz gets its color from impurities and inclusions

It’s not easy to tell how much a particular stone costs, since each stone varies in size and quality. Factors like price, carat weight, and color can all impact pricing. For example, you might pay $10 per carat when you buy loose stones; however, if your gem is particularly big or colored highly it could cost more. On average though, expect to pay about $50 per carat for topaz of any variety. Keep in mind that many stones are likely to be labeled as color enhanced even if they aren’t; these stones will have fewer natural flaws but will also tend to be cheaper than their unaltered counterparts.


How much does a loose mystic topaz cost?

Mystic topazz prices vary depending on factors like size, color and quality. The average price of a loose mystic topazz stone is about $250 USD but you can buy mystic topazz in a range of qualities and prices. For example, a AAA-quality stone would cost upwards of $1,000 USD. A larger brilliant quality gemstone would be more expensive still. If you’re looking to buy loose mystic topazz gemstones at wholesale prices, we recommend checking out our drop-shipping program that offers discounts on bulk orders. It’s perfect if you’re looking to start your own online business with little startup capital required!


Differences between synthetic and natural mystic topaz

The majority of natural mystic topazz gems on sale these days are lab-created. Essentially synthetic stone that has been designed to be identical to naturally occurring mystical topaz. While synthetic stones have no added value.  Natural gemstones, however. Can be distinguished from their synthetic counterparts by gemologists through a detailed examination of their features and composition. With laboratory-created mystic topazz. Gems being produced in large quantities today, you’ll want to make sure that you’re buying genuine natural stone. If your intent is to add value and enjoy its unique beauty for years to come.


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