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Breast Cancer Biopsy- What to Expect?

Breast cancer is increasingly becoming common and is definitely one of the life tasking diseases. It is a heterogeneous disease, having histologic types, unique molecular pathways as well as a biological behavior. Moreover, it is one of the most prevalent cancer types in Nigeria that causes the highest death rates throughout the Kenya region. 

It is important to know that the age-standardized rate in Nigeria is almost 34-46 per 100,000. Many studies reported that the number of cases of breast cancer is quite high and the number is increasing daily. India offers some of the best treatments. Due to this reason, Nigerians come here every year to avail these treatments at an affordable rate. 

A breast biopsy is considered the best breast cancer treatment in India for evaluating a suspicious lump present in your breast. However, it is vital to keep in mind that not every breast lump is cancerous. With a breast biopsy, it is easy to determine whether the lump is cancerous or taksim escort benign.

Reasons behind performing breast cancer biopsy

Normally, a breast biopsy is done for investigating any lumps in the breast. Doctors opt for breast cancer treatment when they find the results of mammography quite disturbing. Apart from that, a biopsy can also be opted for when your doctor finds any significant changes in your nipple. For example, crusting, scaling, bloody discharge, etc. 

Threats of breast biopsy

Even though breast biopsy is quite simple and the risks are quite low; however, breast cancer surgery comes with some side effects. 

  • Breast bruising
  • Soreness near the biopsy site
  • Infection in the biopsy site
  • Breast swelling

Most of these side effects are temporary and can be treated for sure. Make sure to follow the instructions that your doctor provides, especially after the biopsy, it will help in reducing the chances of infection. 

Biopsy does not cause any major complications. As soon as It is detected, you can begin the treatment as soon as possible. It helps in enhancing the overall outlook.

Different types of breast cancer biopsies

Almost every biopsy comes with similar purposes- removing the tissues that lead to breast cancer. Just like chemotherapy for breast cancer, a biopsy is also quite effective. Mainly there are two different kinds of breast biopsies, needle biopsy, and excisional biopsy. 

Radiologists perform a needle biopsy, where a needle is inserted into your breasts for removing samples of any abnormal breast tissues. People normally begin with the core needle biopsy and it is the most type of treatment. Based on the location as well as the size of your lesion, your doctor will recommend the right kind of treatment procedure.

Radiologists utilize different imaging tools for guiding them at the time of the procedure. Needle biopsies are done either normally or through ultrasound guidance. Most breast cancer hospitals in India provide unmatched breast cancer biopsy treatment. 

Coming to the excisional biopsies, it is performed in an operating room and a breast surgeon takes the responsibility. He helps in removing the larger samples; however, your doctor will require a needle biopsy before restoring the surgery. 

Few important reports on breast biopsy

Today, breast cancer is presently the most common cancer type globally. According to WHO, last year, about 2.26 million cases were recorded. This is the most common cancer type in women, both in developed as well as developing countries. 

Nigeria is considered the epicenter of breast cancer and is a major concern of public health concern (WHO, 2021). Due to this reason, Nigerians come to India to opt for breast cancer cures. Besides, breast cancer is also the fifth leading cause of death worldwide.

Some important things to keep in mind

Here are some of the important things that you need to know about breast biopsy.

Pathologists take different opinions

Once the biopsy is done, pathologists share the report with the other associates and take their opinion. They even take part in tumor board reviews for planning the cancer treatment as it helps in making the treatment procedure easy.

The time needed for breast biopsy results vary

Depending on your condition, biopsy test results vary and so is the time required for it. While some can be done in the doctor’s office, others have to be done in the pathology labs. 

Hence, these are some of the things that you can expect to get from breast biopsy treatments.

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