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Best UI UX Designer For High Impact User Experience

What is UI UX design?

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are a part of graphic designing. Both terms improve the website’s user experience and attract more audiences to click for the product and services you provide.

Here is a brief explanation for UI UX design process:

UI (user interface) design

UI means user interface, which is the design and an interface, the audience sees on the screen text, colors, backgrounds, icons, and animation. The user interface is a graphic design used to grab the audience’s attention by creating an attractive UI UX design process. If you are a graphic designer, then (User Interface) UI developer or UI UX designer job is relatively easy. 

UX (user experience) design

UX means user experience, which is focused on studying how users move through all the different elements of the user interface. User experience (UX) design is about the flow of the user experience and eliminating the source of friction during interactions. UX developers need to know the methods of studying user behavior and how to attract users. UX developers are answerable for making goods (Products and services) usable, enjoyable, and accessible. UI UX design process helps to provide the best customer service for the targeted audience.

User Interface (UI) developers are responsible for the look of digital products; on the other hand, User Experience UX developers are accountable for how all UI elements work together to create a seamless and perfect user experience.

Same factors about UI UX developers and UX & UI development:

UI and UX developers get some suggestions of their targeted audience before launching any new product in the market. They implement the visual design findings in mockups, wireframes, and prototypes, test them, and gather user feedback to make further changes and launch the product in the most excellent possible shape.

Here’s how the UX process work:


UI UX Designer


Interaction design

It deals with the user’s performance, how a user can complete their tasks with the interaction components of the system and how they use these components. The members of the system include page, transition, animation, buttons, and so on.

User Research

It deals with conducting extensive research. It collects feedback and suggestions from their targeted audience and new & existing customers. Understands the user’s needs and demands and creates unique designs according to these parameters.

Information Architecture

It deals with the organization of information and content creation. A content that users need to complete their tasks. Information architecture requires a (user experience) UI UX designer to understand the relationship between different content sets and represent these sets and relationships in the best and most understandable way in the UI UX design process.

A perfect UI UX design process must include the following steps:

  •   The product must be easy to use, provide the best user experience, and be self-explanatory.
  •   The product must solve their audience problems by providing pro tips.
  •   Product should be easy to use worldwide and available for a wide range of people.
  •   The product should leave a positive impression on users and create the best experience for the users. It must allow them to complete their tasks without any frustration.

Difference between UI UX designer:


UI UX Designer


UI and UX main focus

User Interface UI developers deal with the quality and visuals of the end product. They use hi-fi models as prototypes. On the other hand, (User experience) UX developers deal with the functionality of the product. They focus on the purpose of functions and logic of the UI UX design process.

Use of color

UI designers create a design in prototypes and use design prototypes in full color, while on the other hand, UX designers use black, white and gray colors. 

Tools for UI UX design Process

UI UX designers use sketch tools, principal tools, and InVision tools for collaborative image designing, while on the other hand, UI UX designers use wireframe-based prototyping tools, including Mock Plus.

Artistic Components

UI designers or developers have artistic components. They can use this component in their design. It depends on the users what they see, hear, and feel. On the other hand, UX design has a particular part. This component needs to understand the user’s priorities and preferences.

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