Being a Pirate Turned Me Back Into a Nintendo Customer

I was a child in the golden age of gaming. Nintendo and. Sega, Mario vs. Sonic, Sega doing what Nintendo doesn’t. Or Nintendidn’t. I’m sure you’re aware of what I’m talking about.

My first Console

Although I grew up in my view of the most famous console war in history I never sided with one side. The first game console I owned was a 2600 that I had gotten from a friend Jr. From there, I owned a Sega Master System 2, SNES, NES (yes, it’s the wrong way around), Sega Saturn, PlayStation, N64, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, and PC. I’ve added an Nintendo 2DS to play Pokemon Sun (I played it for approximately an hour) as well as an older PS3 to my little girl (which has since been destroyed).


Sonic is by far my favorite video game Mascot due to those first memories of the Master System, but I also have fond memories of playing Mario games at my best friend’s home before I got the chance to own my own.

This is all to say that I am a loyal customer with no brand loyalties to any particular brand. As a kid, enjoyed having new games to play on every platform including playing on the PlayStation as well as the PlayStation 2 being the main two consoles I pleaded for until I finally got them since everybody else owned them. In addition I’ve basically followed the flow, based on the games I’ve would like to play, instead of the brands that made the games.

Throwaway Nintendo

In spite of my throwaway Nintendo 2DS, I haven’t owned a real Nintendo console in the better half twenty years. Sure, I’ve revisited games like Goldeneye ( which is still fantastic) along with Pokemon Snap recently, but I’ve never thought of picking up a brand new Nintendo console due to a myriad of reasons, with the most important one is that these games are no longer appealing to me and I’d rather invest my money in Steam games that I’ll never be able to play.

As PC Game

I’ve recorded some memories of my daughter’s first ventures into videogames . After playing the amazing games for children with PS Now on the PC I wanted to give her several sessions of old school games. After switching to N64 to Gamecube games, I developed an fascinated by the Cemu emulator that appears to be appearing regularly on my YouTube Recommended List with players playing games like Breath of the Wild in the resolution of 4K with their computers. Who would not be interested in playing Breath of the Wild with an Luigi mod?

So I decided to check the site Cemu on my own. For science.

Call me Capt’n John. Or don’t. That’s fine.

The game we played was Mario Kart on the Wii (with an electronic Gamepad), Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U, plus Yoshi’s Woolly World, and several others. My daughter absolutely enjoyed and enjoys these games. However, there are a few negatives of playing games in this manner:

  • Sometimes, there are glitches. This is not a major issue in the event that it’s technically free.
  • My daughter can only be able to play games I play on my PC in general during the times I’m not working or playing. A little bit of a problem, but not too bad.
  • A few issues in getting specific controllers that work with certain games. It’s likely to be fixable, but isn’t the final word.
  • A feeling of being an adult man, and I should be buying games if I enjoy the games.
  • The fact that you can play games using the hardware that came with it is generally the most effective way to experience the games, even if it results in a lower resolution or other compromises in keeping with the technology itself.

After mulling over the idea for a few weeks I decided to purchase the Nintendo…Wii U. (I know that I know…but I’m not rich enough to afford the Nintendo Switch PLUS games).

My Decison

It’s not true. I made the decision to purchase an Wii U bundle plus a Wii bundle, solely to get a few Wii games. Wii controllers and remotes as well as additional controllers other peripherals, as well as Sensor Bar. In the end, we now have the Nintendo Wii U hooked up to our TV, as well as seventeen Wii U games, and five Wii games. For less than the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch. We’re having fun.

Nintendo’s End

Many people might think I’m crazy. In the end, Nintendo has seen none of the money I’ve spent on the old treasure chest of gaming memories. Why not play on the computer and leave them nothing in return? Apart from being a complete fraud I also wanted my daughter to own the console for herself, and the games are now feeling as if they’re played the way they were intended to be played. I feel that a large one of the reasons Nintendo games and their hardware hold the majority of their financial worth is because they’re eternal and will continue to attract people who desire to buy the games – some may be willing to spend a significant amount of money on a controller, because they know they’ll earn at most 50% of the value back when they decide to market it. If nobody has bought the second-hand console this could make purchasing the official Nintendo hardware at a high price a much more challenging proposition.

Why Spend Money

Maybe I’m trying to justify why I’ve spent hundreds of pounds on something that I already kind of owned. You decide. In any case I have no regrets.

I’m planning to write a piece about Nintendo Wii U in the near future. Nintendo Wii U in the near future however for the time being in the meantime, if you’re an older player with children and are searching for a contemporary Nintendo console that will appeal to your kids consider this as the one to consider. It can be used in at home, though it can’t be used on the go as the Nintendo Switch. It’s light, considering the sizeand is able to play older Wii classics as well and comes with a huge collection of games. It’s so great that these games are getting some freshening up and are being released on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch, quickly becoming top games. If we’re truthful, nobody purchases an Nintendo product solely for its graphics. It’s focused on the enjoyable gameplay that’s why Wii U and the Wii or Wii U catalog has the best of both worlds.

Super Mario 3D world

We’ve made great progress on returning to the place we were in Yoshi’s Woolly World and we’ve started Super Mario 3D world, have played with a small amount in Minecraft (which we’re likely to sink hundreds of hours into) I’ve spent many a night in Mario Kart and Mario Kart 8 using the Wii controller at the wheel, and enjoyed ourselves and dreadful Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. I’m yet to get started on Breath of the Wild however, it’s calling me. Pacmanblog has the full story of it.

murky realm of emulators

It’s crazy to think that without the murky realm of emulators, and the ability to play games online, we wouldn’t had the chance to play these games, and we might never been part of the Nintendo family ever again. I’m not trying to encourage pirates however, I am thankful for the chance to reconnect with Nintendo games. Those experiences have brought me to return original hardware even if I’m far behind the curve.

With the plethora of games we’ve yet to even play I know for certain that this is an investment that will benefit my daughter as well as the rest of the family. It’s possible that may it result in me purchasing one of the Nintendo Switch in a Christmas or two.

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