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A backlink is a link from one website to another.

If your website gets many backlinks, Google will recognize this as an indication of how popular your site is and it will rank higher in SERPs. You can ask the best marketing companies, and they will confirm to you this importance of backlinks to your website seo service blogspot A backlink is a link from one website to another. Social media backlinks refer to sites that can be visited by clicking on links that are integrated into social media accounts. 

Quality content is a widely used strategy for attracting a target audience and social media platforms are an ideal place for posting such content.

Quality content meets SEO through the implementation of the right keywords, headlines, tags, images, and links.

Keywords refer to a word or phrase that people frequently search online. Every business should conduct keyword research to find those that will benefit their business the most. Keywords are used for higher ranking in SERPs.They can be used on social media through linking, content, images, newsfeed, and more. Let’s examine how you can adjust your SEO strategy for the top four social media platforms most commonly used for business.


With roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the largest social media platform.  With such a large audience comes great business opportunities. Here are three tips on SEO strategies to use on your Facebook page:

1. Choose the right name for your Facebook page

  • Keep it simple –use your business’ name and try to complement it with popular search terms.
  • 2. Place the keywords in strategic placesThe point of using keywords is not to scatter them all over your Facebook page.
    • The description section
    • Photo subtitles
    • Headlines
    • Facebook notes
    • Status updates

    3. Optimize your status updatesKeep in mind that the first 18 characters of your post will be viewed as the meta description and will serve to inform your audience and search engines on what your content is about.


    Enrich your content with images and insert relevant backlinks to send Google a signal that your content has quality and relevance.

    InstagramWhit roughly 1.3  billion monthly users, Instagram is ranked in the top five social media platforms.

    In November 2020, the Instagram algorithm  changed. The search functionality expanded from profiles, hashtags, and location to general keyword search.

    This change sent a clear message to business owners that Instagram SEO must be included in their marketing strategy.

    We offer you five tips on optimizing your Instagram account for SEO: 1. Optimize your Instagram bioAn Instagram bio refers to the 150-character description placed under your user name on your Instagram profile page.

    • What does your business offer?
    • What makes your product or service stand out from the crowd?
    • Are you running a local, national, or multinational business?
    • What actions do you want people to take after they visit your page?

    Make sure to Insert your keywords into your Instagram bio for SEO.

    2. Use relevant hashtagsInstagram recently shared tips on how to implement hashtags for showing in search results.  Here is what they came up with:

    • Use hashtags relevant to the theme of your content
    • Check hashtags your follower’s use
    • Mix popular and niche hashtags to expand your visibility
    • The optimal number of hashtags is between 3 and 5

    Instagram insights, an inbuilt Instagram tool, allows you to inspect which hashtags are driving the most traffic to your post.

    3. Insert your keywords in the right placesThe right places for your keywords are:

    • Your username
    • Instagram bio
    • Hashtags

    • Captions

    with close to 740 million members, 35 million registered companies and around 310 million monthly users, is a force to be reckoned with.

    Linkedin is a great platform for your business as it can help you get valuable connections and clients.

    Here are a few tips on how to optimize your Linkedin profile for SEO:

    1. Insert keywords in the right places

    • Tagline
    • Experience
    • Skills
    • About
    • Accomplishments

    2. Customize your URL for your profileCustomize the URL for your profile.

    3. Use backlinking 4. Publish valuable content PinterestWith over 422 million active users, Pinterest provides a great opportunity for business to share their ideas, creativity, and blogs.

    Here are six tips for creating your Pinterest account:

    1. Create a business account

    2. Verify your business website on PinterestThis informs Pinterest that the business you represent belongs to you.

    4. Use keywords in your descriptions for pins and boards 5. Add hashtags with keywords to your pin description 6. Invest in Paid Pinterest ads

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