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8 Benefits of Choosing Parquet Flooring For New Floors

8 Benefits of Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring has been the subject of many debates among people who are looking for quality flooring. They are rightly credited with being sturdy, attractive, comfortable to walk on and aesthetically beautiful. Parquet wood floors are not only easy to clean but also very durable. If you are thinking of installing parquet flooring at home then here is a list of 8 benefits that will help you make your final decision:

1. Can be used in any room

Parquet flooring is one of the most versatile types of floors available because it can be installed everywhere. From basements to lofts and from wet areas to swimming pools . It does not rot, swell or shrink and hence can be used in any environment that is wet or dry. You can install it anywhere you like even over concrete subfloors without having to be concerned about the condition of the subfloor since parquet flooring does not require underlayment. Moreover, installing parquet flooring means that your home will be free from dust and allergens. Because wood is one of the best natural filters for impurities .

2. Comes with various Coatings

These beautiful floors are available in a variety of finishes which includes oiled, waxed and sealed versions. These coatings also offer resistance against scratches , stains, scuffs and dents so accidental falls are not likely to cause permanent damage to the floor. Domestic pets are allowed but certain types of pets are preferred. Since the flooring can be damaged if an abrasive pet runs across it.

3. Easy To Maintain for Decades

The extensive range of coatings offered by manufacturers means that these floors require limited maintenance . You just have to clean them with warm soapy water , scrubbing at times. And you will see your parquet floor continue to look as good as new for many years.

4. Does not produce toxic fumes or dust during installation

Traditional parquet floors were installed using a mixture of glue and sawdust. Which would emit toxic fumes every time someone walked over the floor. However, modern versions do not require this kind of adhesive since they can be fixed together by clicking or gluing them and then locking them into the floor. All you need is a rubber mallet to tap down the tiles. This not only ensures that your family breathes fresh air but also stays healthy by avoiding dust allergies that are commonly associated with carpets.

5. Can be Installed Quickly

You do not have to wait for days, weeks or months to install parquet flooring. Because it can be done in just two or three days . The installation process is very easy since there is no adhesive used and very few tools are required. So you can save money on labor costs if you do it yourself. However, you will have to hire professionals if you want marble, slate or tiles because they require an expert installation.

6. Can Support Heavy Weight

Parquet flooring installation requires a professional touch and the presence of expert craftsmen to ensure that it is properly laid out. The thin wooden planks used in parquet floors have a strong organic foundation. Which means that they can support very heavy weights . Since these thin planks are glued together, your furniture does not lose stability when you place it on the floor because there is no risk of warping or cracking up.

7. Looks stylish even with Chipped Tiles

You may be worried about having cracked tiles or worn out grout but do not worry since this type of damage only adds to the rustic charm of parquet flooring . In fact, the distressing produced by replacing tiles is considered to be an integral part of parquet flooring. Since it gives the room a unique look that can only be achieved through this kind of installation.

8. Favored in Commercial Sectors

When it comes to choosing commercial flooring , office owners prefer one type over others because it requires less maintenance and adds value to the property . These floors are preferred in areas where people walk because they do not get damaged easily and maintain their looks despite long hours of usage. Another factor that makes parquet flooring so popular in commercial spaces is its resistance against bacteria, fungi and microorganisms. Which results in healthier air quality.

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