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7 ways to Rain-Proof Your Home and Prevent Damage

Everyone loves the rain – even if it is a bit of an annoyance at times. Or those people who are madly in love with staring out of the window while they enjoy their morning coffee! Thankfully, nothing can ruin that great feeling than unexpected water damage through ceilings and walls right? So you don’t want to be one of those people who get water damage in their Flats in Calicut . And I thought we could turn this into a positive by sharing our tips for keeping your Rain-Proof Your Home and Prevent Damage

Walls Care 

Your walls need protecting during the monsoon. It’s pretty important that you use products like Mold-Resistant Drywall or Mold-Resistant Sheetrock so as not to get mold again because that smell can be pretty bad! You can, of course, scrape all that stuff off your walls to clean them – but if you even have time for that then it might just be easier to replace any existing moisture-sensitive walls with something more resistant… Like, for example, moisture-resistant drywall or gypsum boards.

Check the Lock

Malfunctioning of locks often occurs due to weather shifts, so it’s important to ensure that locks are checked every month. If your locks are not working properly, you can use WD-40 to spray them to help remove whatever dust that has accumulated blocking the locking bar from sliding back into place easily. Use a clean rag to wipe the lock down, making sure to avoid wetting it as moisture could cause rust or other damage. Also, never spray any liquid lubricants or cleaning products on a lock, especially not WD-40 as this will cause corrosion and do more harm than good.


Keeping your furniture from becoming damaged during monsoon is also a big job. You have to find a way to keep them safe. One way to do so is by closing shutters or blinds. This way, the water won’t ruin anything on your furniture.


Getting your furniture ready for the monsoon season can be quite the hassle. You may worry about ruining your beautiful objects, especially those made of wood, with dampness and moisture during this stormy season! One helpful solution to this is to store your things right after the storms have passed so that they are not soaking wet when you take them out. Lastly, make sure to clean off any dirt or dust prior to storing so that it’s ready as soon as possible and in top shape.

Look the Windows 

Constant contact with moisture can cause wood, termite and mould issues in your windows. Repainting or applying window caulks and similar rain-guard window coats can provide temporary solutions.UPVC frames also contain water and wind by restraining it from coming into contact with the inside of the window. One should check that their window hinges are properly fixed to prevent leaking which often happens if these parts aren’t fastened tightly enough.

Inside Affairs

Most of us have a tendency to treat our homes as symbols of pride. To maintain the freshness and beauty of your home, getting proper ventilation is very important. Keep both windows and doors open to let in some fresh air as well as natural light since they’re good at bringing out a room’s potential by making it look appealing and welcoming overall. A way you can do that is by using bright colours such as yellow and red for your interiors in order to perk things up which is also a very old trick! Furthermore, make the most of lighting systems so that you can use them on an “as needed” basis while playing with cheerful wallpapers on occasion just to inject some life into your space from time to time!

Prevent Leaks

In fact, it could even make all of your walls fall down and rot to nothing over time. You must repel the leaks and ensure they do not infect your home with mold or mildew. You should depend on various water-proof coatings and paints as well as anti-leakage agents like us to keep your home safe, functional, fresh and beautiful! As important as it is to have a beautiful home, it’s just as important to have a great repair service to call upon when necessary. We are here because we know how to create that brand new feel while still giving you the same spectacular service every homeowner deserves

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