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7 Reasons To Call Your Obstetrician During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a perplexing stage in every woman’s life. It is normal to be nervous and confused when going through physical and emotional changes. Pregnant women, especially the first-time mothers may feel there is something not right every now and then. These anticipations are usual and most ladies might not be disturbed by them. 

However, every pregnant woman should always be cautious about the specific signs which may need medical care. Even if you have a little bit of doubt, not taking a risk and contacting an obstetrician will be a sensible step. 

Every pregnant woman should know when to call a specialist during pregnancy. So, here in this article, we are describing 7 signs that might become reasons to visit a doctor.  

7 Reasons To Visit An Obstetrician

It is very essential to know what is safe and what is not for a pregnant woman. We are mentioning some common signs that all pregnant women should keep into consideration during pregnancy and call a doctor immediately if they experience any. 

Heavy Bleeding

Actually, bleeding is common to experience during the pregnancy and normally, there is nothing to worry about. It is usually a consequence of hormones and the increased vascularity of the cervix. Moreover, it might be due to the egg implantation in the lining of the uterus or cervical polyps. 

Most of the women experience spotting in the early phase of pregnancy that goes away after some time. While there are others who continuously have bleeding. Moreover, having sexual intercourse also triggers it. 

But if you experience heavy bleeding in the second and third trimester with sharp pain, it is a sign of uterus problems. So, it is advisable to see your obstetrician and get a proper cure. There may be chances of miscarriages and placenta previa, a condition when the placenta shields the cervix. 

Heavy Vaginal Discharge

During pregnancy, it is normal to notice a vaginal discharge called leukorrhea which is thin, white, milky, odorless, or slightly smelly. It becomes problematic if there is a heavy fluid loss with pain. 

Additionally, if you notice any discharge changes, such as watery, appearing green in color, or an unpleasant smell, call your obstetrician as soon as possible. 

Furthermore, there would be a situation when women may also feel like their water breaks and the due date is not around. In such conditions, seeing a doctor will help you to prevent cervix issues and preterm labor.


Most women may suffer abdominal pain, round ligament pain, back pain, and leg cramps sometimes. However, even if a pregnant woman does have pain while urinating, the middle back pain can be an indication of a kidney disorder.

If you experience irregular, or constant pain or pelvic pressure, and abdominal cramps, specifically in last trimester, it would be a sign of preterm labor. In addition, there may be the possibility of placental abruption, a serious complication in which the placenta detaches from the uterus. 

So, whenever you experience such problems even if you do stretching, drink water, or take proper rest, call your obstetrician immediately. 

Lack Of Fetal Movement

A woman may notice a movement of the fetus during the second trimester but it varies on the basis of an individual. The fetal activities only increase as the pregnancy moves forward. There are no certain rules about how many kicks one must feel. 

But most of the doctors advise to keep checking the growing infant a few times and add up to 10 movements in 10 mins. The inactiveness of the fetus might be due to dehydration or sleep. So, if you go with a count and do not feel any fetal activity, have a glass of fruit juice. The natural sugar present in them increases the blood sugar level of infants which can cause a movement in them. 

In addition, you can lay on the left side for half an hour in a quiet room. Furthermore, umbilical cord compromise may be the reason when a baby becomes malnourished or suffers a lack of oxygen.


During pregnancy, face, legs, hands, and ankles swelling are expected because of the extra retaining of fluids in the tissues. But if it is in excess, it could be a symptom of preeclampsia, a dangerous complication indicated by high blood pressure. It can affect the heart of a woman and an infant’s growth.

Although you had no other issues during your pregnancy, preeclampsia can occur suddenly or be recognized after 20 weeks. So, be cautious about it and consult a doctor. 

Painful Urination

Though during pregnancy often bathroom visits are common, itchy sensations and pain while urinating are not so ordinary. This sign could point to a bladder infection, a quite common circumstance where a growing uterus hinders the proper reflux of urine. 

If you experience such symptoms, consult your obstetrician. They will provide proper medical care as the problems could cause preterm labor and the low birth weight of a newborn. 

In addition, a doctor will examine for the extreme or continuous vaginal wetness to ensure no leakage of amniotic fluid. It is because the drainage can trigger labor and cause uterus infection. 

Severe Headache

If there is a severe and continuous headache, particularly if there is fainting, dizziness, or blurred eyesight, see your doctor. Pregnant women often feel dizzy due to hormonal changes or extending uterus prolapse on the blood vessels.

However, dizziness and fainting might be an indication of low blood pressure, dehydration, low blood sugar, or low hemoglobin levels. So, find a relaxing place and have a lot of water. Women can also see lying on the left side. 

But if a woman has a severe headache with fainting and dizziness in the third trimester, there might be a chance of preeclampsia. Moreover, the cause of blurry vision is because of excessive swelling and high blood pressure. So, it is very necessary to visit the doctors and find a solution. 


It will be a great idea to prepare an emergency strategy after discussing it with your obstetrician. This will help you determine the typical pregnancy signs and emergency conditions that might need immediate medical treatment. 

This way a pregnant woman can be at a considerable comfort and relish the pregnancy. 


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