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7 Important Questions to Ask While Choosing Tally on Cloud

A lot of businesses still aren’t aware of Tally on cloud. They believe that on-premises accounting software is the only option out there. In reality, Tally on cloud offers a lot of benefits companies are unaware of.

For example, the users can use Tally on cloud services from anywhere they like at the time of their choice. Another advantage is that you save a lot of time and money involved in installation of software and exchange of data.

Before choosing Tally cloud services, there are a few things to mind. We have discussed those factors in detail below.

1. How difficult is it to use the software?

The users need a certain type of training when they have to work on a new software solution. This is why you need to ensure how easy or difficult it is to use the Tally on cloud program you have chosen. If your employees have to spend a lot of their time just learning it, you might look for other options.

Ask the service provider if they can help with the training. It always helps to create documentation for training purposes. A lot of small businesses fail to understand the importance of that documentation. In reality, proper documentation with easy-to-understand language can help your future employees. The existing employees can also refer to those training manuals to refresh their knowledge.

2. How secure is my data of Tally on cloud?

This is one of the prominent questions you can’t ignore. Many businesses whose data was lost or stolen will agree to it. Although every vendor guarantees data security, a lot of them fail to follow the safety protocols. As a result, business owners face issues like data corruption and data leaks.

Ask the vendor about the security in detail to avoid such issues. Plus, ensure they take the backup of your data almost daily. The data should be stored on an encrypted disk so that there isn’t a compromise with the security. Many vendors offer Tally on VPS cloud for extra security.

3. Can I easily download and print reports?

Once the reports are ready, the next crucial step is to download and print the reports. Doing the same gets challenging with some accounting software. This is why you should ask about how you can download the reports without a challenge.

Also, ensure that you can print the reports easily using your own printer. Many software vendors have this information on their website. If you are unable to find this info, send them an email or give a call to their customer support / sales department.

4. Can I use it via my smartphone?

With the advent of remote working scenarios, a lot of employees use smartphones to access their office resources. This gives them additional freedom. As a result, they become more productive. If your employees also expect such flexibility, provide them with a cloud accounting software that is accessible via smartphone.

A few companies that don’t want to maintain Tally dedicated server also choose such solutions. It helps them save a lot of money and offers peace of mind.

5. Does the Tally approve it?

You will find a lot of cloud solutions that are developed by independent developers. An issue with a lot of those options is that the Tally Solutions team doesn’t test or approve them. You will face a lot of issues while using it regularly. This is the reason businesses purchase only those Tally cloud solutions that the team of Tally has approved. You won’t face technical or accounting challenging issues with them.

6. Is collaboration possible?

In a conventional scenario, the business owners or concerned professionals have to travel to another place for data exchange. A good cloud solution prevents you from such hassles. You can easily work in sync with the concerned individuals.

Check how conveniently you can connect with offline and online users for sending or receiving accounting data. The company would be happier to guide you through the collaboration on their solution.

7. What’s the total ownership cost?

This has to be checked at the two levels. First, you need to understand your requirements in detail. Plus, you need to decide a budget you can allocate for accounting software. Second, you need to get the quotes from different companies for their cloud solution. Choose the one that precisely matches your accounting needs and budget.

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A lot of companies will offer a lower price if you have bulk requirements. Yes, this is possible with cloud services. Many companies have packages based on the size of the company. The costs increase with the increase in the features, disk size, and number of users.

Conclusion: We hope finding Tally on cloud will be easier by asking this set of questions. You can also prepare a list of your own questions for the vendor. A reliable company would be happy to answer those queries.

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