6 tips for elevators cleaning and elevator systems

Whether in schools,  hospitals, shopping centers, hotels, sports centers underground car parks, or privately in the neighborhood community – elevators are a central and practical means of transport for numerous people every day. The cleaning of elevators and elevator systems is of particular importance due to the regular, high frequency of use.

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Provide welcoming and hygienically clean elevators that leave no doubt that they are regularly cared for and maintained. Your employees, customers, patients, etc. will appreciate it.

Our tips today are all about professional elevator cleaning. With us, you can read what you should pay attention to when cleaning the elevator and why special attention must also be paid to the materials used and the technical function.

Tip 1: Professional elevator cleaning for hygienic cleanliness!

We know them as elevators, lifts, or elevators and they come in a wide variety of variants, such as general passenger elevators, freight elevators, goods elevators, and elevators for the disabled. These elevators all have one thing in common – a wide variety of people used heavily them every day.

Unfortunately, dirt on the floor, on the guide rails, and on the controls, doors, and walls is inevitable. This is visible in ultra-modern elevators made of glass or shiny surfaces. Fingerprints but also streaks are extremely noticeable here.

But there are also footprints, mud, leaves, shoe polish residue, spilled liquids, old chewing gum, and all kinds of other dirt. Depending on the time of year and the intensity of use, it is, therefore, crucial that you ensure regular and thorough cleaning of elevator systems in private and commercial environments.

The people who use the elevator every day only feel comfortable the first few meters they walk into the building if it is cleaned professionally. This also includes, for example, that particularly sensitive areas such as doors or the control panel are also disinfected at regular intervals – for hygienic cleanliness even in the non-visible area.

Tip 2: Clean to match the materials used in the elevators!

Today’s modern elevators fit perfectly into their environment and can be made of a wide variety of materials such as glass, metal, real wood, laminate, rubber, and PVC surfaces. However, not every surface material can be cleaned equally well with a cleaning agent. Glass elements can be easily cleaned with washing-up liquid and water and processed with a squeegee and glass cleaner for a streak-free shine.

Particularly stubborn dirt such as shoe polish, paint, lipstick, tea, etc. on surfaces such as metal can also be cleaned with a cloth soaked in spirit or solvent. It is always important that you know the material to be cleaned and that you follow the information on the bottles and outer packaging.

For many materials, however, a damp microfiber cloth and water with an all-purpose cleaner are sufficient, which should be dosed according to the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal results.

Our expert tip for chewing gum: Allow chewing gum to harden before carefully removing it. In this way, it can usually be removed leaving no residue, without residues sticking.

Tip 3: Do not use any aggressive agents when cleaning elevators and elevator systems!

When cleaning elevators and elevator systems, please never use aggressive agents that contain scouring particles or caustic chemicals, for example.

In addition, polishes and floor wax are completely unsuitable in most cases. Because these may make the floors in the lift shine, they can pose a risk of slipping and associated risk of injury in the neighborhood community, shopping centers, or underground car parks.

In addition, avoid using solvents as much as possible. Ingredients in the cleaning agents such as methylbenzene, acetone, or perchloroethylene should be avoided if possible. Scouring pads or sandpaper are also unsuitable.

Tip 4: Take special care when cleaning the controller!

The keypad that controls the elevator and ensures that people get to the desired floor is subject to particularly heavy use. Not only does this become visually visible all too quickly, the germs and viruses on it that cannot be seen with the naked eye often remain hidden.

At this point, in addition to the conventional cleaning routine with a damp cloth that does not get too much water on the surface, a suitable, mild disinfectant is also suitable.

But the credo also applies here: a lot doesn’t always help a lot! Pay attention to a suitable dosage and regularity, without endangering the health of the passengers or polluting the environment.

Tip 5: Cleaning elevator systems for trouble-free operation and longevity!

Not only do the feel-good factor and hygienic cleanliness play a role in elevator cleaning, but trouble-free technology is also just as important. Malfunctions in the door area are particularly common when dirt and small stones settle in the gaps between the thresholds.

In many cases, this problem can be avoided or reduced by careful cleaning, which also includes the door guide rails. It is recommended to vacuum the rails here. Not only coarse dirt particles are removed, but also smaller stones.

In order to minimize the fire load and avoid serious technical incidents, not only the cabin but also the cleaning of the elevator systems should be considered. Elevator cleaning always includes intensive cleaning and technical maintenance of the entire shaft system. In order to ensure all safety-relevant aspects, this should only be carried out by a specialist. You can find out more about this in our following tip.

Tip 6: Hire an experienced service provider for elevator cleaning and maintenance!

Would you like professional elevator cleaning and technical maintenance? Then it is best to contact the appropriate service provider in your region. There you will receive a non-binding offer for everything to do with elevator cleaning, as well as reliable and regular execution of all associated tasks. You can also conveniently submit your request online with us. Describe your challenges around professional elevator cleaning to us.

As a rule, we will answer you in the shortest possible time and would also be happy to get our own picture at your site. You will receive an overview of all suitable services and the associated prices. So you can be sure that you will not face any unexpected costs.

Clean thing: Our tips for cleaning elevator systems and lifts

Guaranteed well-maintained elevators for the private neighborhood community, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, and underground car parks at all times?

With our 6 tips, you will know exactly where the focus should be when it comes to elevator cleaning. Let our professional elevator cleaning support you with the regular implementation of all activities.


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