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6 Reasons To Choose Canada As Your Study Destination Over The USA

Study – You have just finished school and dream of studying abroad. It’s quite suggestive that as a traditional favorite, the USA would appear instantly in your mind before any other country. But what if your pocket is too short to bear its costs? Suppose you are an economics student and seeking “development economics assignment help” or “working capital assignment helpin the middle of your exam preparation and nobody in the entire New York City is there to help you out. Wouldn’t it be too heavy on your shoulder?

Well, if these are your ongoing anxieties, then you may think of Canada as your next study destination. It’s cheaper, easier to sustain over and more diverse as a study destination.

Here are some reasons for which you might think of Canada as your first choice over the USA.

1. Pay far less a tuition fee

Also, it has the cheapest tuition fees compared to the UK or Australia as the USA tops the chart. The average annual tuition fees may vary from $5000 to $20,000 in Canada. In the USA it is never less than $23,000 a year which is unarguably the most expensive among English-speaking nations.

2. Find a cheaper accommodation

For both the USA and Canada, small towns and districts offer a better bet for terminal accommodation. In the US, the average accommodation for students may range from $500 to $3500.

So, by any means, Canada saves a great deal of money for you.

3. Food and daily sustenance

In the USA, your daily cost of food may range from $500 to $800. However, there are many meal plans for university students which may cost around $180 to $300 a month. In Canada, this comes down to $150 to $200 per month. It can take away your independent food options as well. So, it’s a con on Canada’s side.

4. A safe bet for moderate students

If you do well in a specified category you may receive a full scholarship. Although, Canada is more friendly for a moderate student. Universities like Stanford and Columbia are stricter with their project assignments than Toronto and Vancouver. In Canada, the rules are not as tightened. As a result, when your due assignments are piled up you may get away with a Business research assignment helpquest in Toronto while the same may disqualify you if you stay in New York.

5. Categories of eligibility criteria

There are different eligibility criteria for different categories of students in Canada.

  • Educational Background-

You must complete your 12th with a fine score. For postgraduates, 16 years of education from recognized universities are a must. It means a four years bachelor’s degree is compulsory to apply for the master’s.

  • Entrance test for bachelor’s courses-

In the USA SAT or Act scores are mandatory. However, in Canada universities conduct different entrance examinations. Sometimes they simply admit through interviews and personal scorecards.

  • Entrance tests for postgraduates-

6. Inexpensive student visas and application fees

The student visa or the Canadian Study Permit is far cheaper in Canada than in the US. Although for more than six months’ tenures, you don’t require a study permit. The cost of study permits it around $115 compared to $160 in the USA. The application fees are around $55 for Canadian students and $120 for international students. But you will get additional waivers if you are from a developing country.

Some earring tips while you are studying

So, there are sizable comparative advantages in Canada over the USA. Also, Canada ranks higher than the USA in offering part-time student jobs. To apply for one, you should have

  • A student permit
  • Enrolled in a full-time course
  • A degree of post-secondary level or
  • A diploma extending 6 months in the period.

Author’s Bio: Michael Haydon is an academic counselor in Canada and a member of the career council board in Toronto. He writes as an assignment help expert at He loves writing on child psychology in his spare time.

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