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6 Benefits of Static Website Design

Your website is the digital face of your organization, and an attractive face attracts customers. The first interaction between you and your customer is when they visit your website. A static website provides you with great flexibility to serve your content accordingly. In the past few years, static websites have become extremely popular. There are various advanced tools that have led to this growing popularity of static websites. Today, we will discuss the benefits of static website design.


Static websites are safer compared to dynamic websites, as they do not rely on CMS plugins. Websites are prone to get hacked because of several content sources and plugins. Static websites are more reliable compared to dynamic when it comes to safety. There are 70% of WordPress sites that ate hacked by data leaking hackers because of low maintenance and upgrading of the sites.


There are various static website design services in India and various web design companies in Delhi which prefer static websites over dynamic websites. Sometimes one comes across an errors message stating a connection could not be established. It primarily occurs because of errors in the database. This could also mean that there is an attack on the server. A static website does not face such challenging issues as they redirect to other closest nodes, unlike its dynamic alternative where the website might go down for few hours. Static websites are more reliable compared to dynamic during such errors.


Web designing companies in Delhi and around the world prefer static websites over dynamic ones because of their speed. Static websites are much easier to load and faster compared to dynamic websites. Dynamic websites run through third-party portals such as Wix and WordPress. Static websites run faster mainly cause they are served from the node closest to the browser. The static website also helps in getting more traffic by reducing the abandonment rate caused due to slow loading.

Price & Hosting

Static websites are easier to create as static websites have basic HTML files that require less space and hosting such websites is cheaper than hosting dynamic websites. Organizations prefer static websites as it saves the cost and hosting prices. It also allows the automated build to incorporate the latest changes in the system. There are several static website design services provided all around the world.


The biggest challenged faced by websites when it is up and running is to handle the massive traffic on the website. It is problematic to handle massive traffic on dynamic websites, and it is troublesome to process it all as it requires complex coding from the server. It is easier for a basic static website to manage such traffic as it works on HTML files, which can be easily scaled up by increasing the spare capacity.

Technological Advancements

Back in the day, online store websites would have relied on dynamic websites to integrate complex coding and scripting. There are various CRM systems that made this process easy for eCommerce stores. However, there are many errors that occur in dynamic websites and no permanent fixed has been discovered. Static websites made a huge comeback and have more advantages than disadvantages over such issues.


There are various static website design services in India and various web design companies in Delhi which prefer static websites over dynamic websites due to their advantages to the organization. A static website is more secured, reliable, and budget-friendly than a dynamic website. Organizations are looking for solutions to save their time and money and static websites can provide it. These factors beads to be considered before making your website as the website is the digital face of your company and protecting it is a priority.

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