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6 Banner Design Tips To Make Your Youtube Better Than Ever

YouTube is a well-known video-sharing platform where users may publish, share, and like other people’s videos. A YouTube banner can be featured on your channel’s homepage. A user can go through the videos you’ve uploaded and made here. This is comparable to the cover photos available on a person’s profile page on Facebook and Twitter. With our YouTube banner samples, you can add some style to your channel.

Take a look at some of your favourite YouTube channels. What is the one thing they all have in common?

I’ll give you a hint: their profiles almost certainly all feature a personalized, well-designed YouTube banner. You can get a feel of what these channels have to offer just by looking at them. It also provides their profiles with a professional appearance.

Growing your youtube audience requires consistent and clear visual branding. A good banner design is very effective for your Youtube channel. 


Benefits Of Banner Design For Your Youtube Channel

Having a visually appealing YouTube channel is crucial for gaining new subscribers. Viewers are more likely to stick around if they come to your channel and like what they see. YouTube banners have a big impact on how people see your channel.


Feature Your Brand Slogan

Your YouTube banner is a wonderful piece of digital real estate for showcasing what you consider to be the most significant aspects of your channel. What is the elevator pitch for your channel? What is the main value proposition of your company? Add some catchy tagline to your Youtube banner. 

YouTubers usually place their taglines around the top or bottom of their banners. Keep your tagline to one sentence to prevent cluttering up your banner.

Another method is to just include the URL of your website in the banner design. This will also help in the advertising of your brand.

It’s worth investing some time in YouTube brand development if you’re unsure what your brand tagline is. Determine your brand’s identity and how you want to be perceived.


Keep Viewers Updated Using Banner Spaces

Viewers are likely to visit your page on a regular basis to see your most recent video upload. So why not make the most of the situation? Use your banner to convey updates or give your channel a seasonal feel. Do you want to go offline? That, along with a return date, should be included in your banner so that viewers know when you’ll be back. Is it the birthday of your channel? Make your week’s banner joyous by including a cake and candles.


Use A High-Quality Image

Make sure to use a high-quality image for your banner design. The image you use in your banner should be 100-150 dpi while still being sharp and visible. You can find some high-quality images on Shutterstock.

If you’re using your own original images for your YouTube banner, ensure they’re high resolution before uploading them.


Use The Right Colours

Bright colours are one technique to attract the attention of your audience. You can also use contrasting colours, such as complementing colours on the colour wheel or bright text on a dark backdrop, or the other way around. Understand the meaning of your chosen colours.

Pink and green have recently been popular colour swatches, and given their popularity, your viewer may recognize them as something familiar. Color can convey a lot of information without mentioning anything at all.


Create A Collage Of Images

You can make a collage of images that give a sample of what to expect on your channel, similar to how you can make a banner design using icons. You can use still images from your videos.

Make sure the photos have a similar style, colour scheme, and tone for your design to be coherent. Like with this channel banner template, this will make your YouTube banner look more professional while also supporting your channel’s brand.


Pair Fonts Perfectly

When it comes to font choices, remember that opposites attract. Choose a primary font that compliments your work. The main font, in this case, reflects the photo’s edgy, adventurous vibe. On the other hand, the secondary font is used to convey a message. Pair a wild, handwritten primary font with a neutral serif or sans serif font if you choose a wild, handwritten primary font. If you have a professional san serif font for your headline, use a secondary serif font for legibility.


Get Those Subs!

Youtube is a massive video-sharing social site. Businesses use visual media to promote their brands. However, the Youtube banner design must be exceptional to leave a lasting impact on the target audience. As a result, the banner must have a simple but distinct design that serves a purpose. It should be customized to a certain audience. As a result, when designing the banner, you should pay close attention to the colours, typefaces, and images you use.

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