5 Ways Not to Stay Unemployed Anymore


Don’t worry. Hundreds and thousands are facing this trouble, and they’re facing it with you and that too right now!  

And COVID-19 made it even worse!

But it does not have to be in this way.

You can get work. This blog is going to tell you about them. 

Unemployment is probably the worst thing that can happen to a person. You feel minimised and undervalued each second and cannot get the opportunity to do the things you want to do or buy those items you have been planning to buy. 

Let’s get it straight. Sometimes, being unemployed doesn’t allow us to spend time with the people we love.  

And that’s the most important thing, for which we do everything of this…even what we traditionally call ‘work’ or ‘a job,’ right?

Well, let us change reality!

Let’s get employed.

Make Money Right Now and Forget that You Were Unemployed 

You can get a job if you work hard for it and, most importantly, if you LOOK FOR it. 

Remember what Sherlock Holmes said to Dr. Watson in the first Guy Ritchie film? 

Holmes explained to the latter that there had been a deadly glass wire almost invisible and unobserved by Dr. Watson and by almost anyone else but the villain (as he fixed it there himself). 

And Holmes found it because he was ‘looking for it. 

Similarly, you’d get a job if you are eager and tenacious for it.

Now comes the smart way. Sometimes, small investments using an unemployed loan no guarantor from any of the trustworthy lenders in the UK might bring you a fortune. A loan like that with surprisingly low-interest rates and a long repayment duration might help you be an ENTREPRENEUR.

In that case, you might also be an employer to many unemployed individuals who are looking for jobs. 

And the country is hopeful too. According to a report from the Office for National Statistics on unemployment and the job market of the UK, the employment rate of the country’s labor market has seen a constant rise from June to August 2021. It is also notable that COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted in many areas, potentially increasing the number of jobs and employment opportunities. 

That’s good news. 

And here are a few more below.

Take the help of these ideas to say ‘no’ to unemployment:

  • Go for Social Work 
  • Start Freelancing 
  • Consider small investment 
  • Use Your Asset for rent 
  • E-commerce is great
  • Tutoring  

Go for Social Work, Childcare or Animal Care 

Don’t get stressed!

Not all social works stem from non-profit organisations. There are enterprises where you’ll be paid. 

What’s more? You really don’t need to show much of a certification apart from a few technical positions. 

You can join any social work you wish to. You may get jobs in Hospitals or Care Homes. Childcare is a good industry where you can get many jobs. 

Another alternative to this profession is pet care or animal welfare services. You can be a dog walker. You can again be a pet caregiver. In other cases, you might find yourself in a job at the Veterinary clinic. 

Start Freelancing (Now)

You have got a tool to earn, and that is the Internet. 

Being a freelancer is relatively easy nowadays. You need to be consistent with it. 

It is because there are many options out there, and you can definitely find yourself in a position you want. 

Freelance work, like regular jobs, can be a full-time job as well. These full-time jobs done in this way are often termed ‘remote’ jobs that mimic the conventional job. But it is done from anywhere and, in some cases, anytime. 

The Virtual Assistance industry or the VA industry is also very useful in regards to this. 

You may work as a blogger, a graphic designer, a programmer; a social media marketer; a digital marketer; a market analyst; a freelance photographer (or filmmaker/ videographer); a data scientist, a game developer, an animator, and whatnot.

Just put your knowledge to good use. Moreover, select productive and profitable niches. Like writing blogs, the fashion industry has a reportedly high revenue generation of £1,116 (annually). You may also choose writing in popular niches like web design or video games, or digital marketing.  

Popular niches pay you well. 

Small Investment Can Bring Huge Fortune 

Small Investment Can Bring Huge Fortune

That’s actually a statement. 

In case you make small investments to fund your activities, you are just widening the possibilities, which your merits and potential allow you. 

That’s what you want. That’s what everybody wants. 

Take the unemployed loan with no guarantors these loans are made for offering you specific unemployment loan benefits. As mentioned earlier, you would get additional support from the providers of these loans to help you concentrate more on your work.

With a small investment, you can start something unique as your own small business. 

Now, you can be the boss of yourself and can work in your own schedules. You can be an employer too if you need help from others. 

Rent Your Assets

When you’re unemployed, look around you. 

You might be living in an apartment or a large home that you don’t usefully. 

You may have spare rooms or a garage that you aren’t using nowadays.

Probably you’ve not been using that car your dad gave you in your school days. 

This is the time to use them!

Put rentals on them online and tell friends, or colleagues, or people of acquaintance. Indeed, you would find someone who is looking for what you are offering.

And that means some extra cash in your pockets WITHOUT EVEN WORKING.

E-Commerce is the Thing You Want 

Online commerce can be a saver to the unemployed. It will even give you more profit if you have a dedicated website. 

Once you give people what they are looking for, you don’t need to worry about money.  

You must pay close attention to your target audience if you want to grow fast in this sector. Don’t even forget to invest your efforts in good social media marketing as well.

Join large e-commerce brands like Etsy or Shopify if you’re low on budget. 

Tutoring Is Still the Best Job 

It is because you get to touch the lives of people. 

And that’s great. 

You can teach the subject in which you’re an expert. You can teach basic subjects to kids. If you’re a language expert, you may as well try teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) or as a foreign language (EFL). 

Speaking of a foreign language, you can also be a foreign language trainer (French; German).

Like e-commerce professionals, you can also join a platform like TutorMe or Fiverr. 

However, making your own website always comes before this.

It takes minimal fees to make a website nowadays because there are many providers online. Take an online loans for unemployed and make your website featuring your unique services. 

Unemployment will never find you again.

To Conclude: You May Apply for Unemployment Benefits

The government and many other organisations offer these kinds of services. 

You might be unemployed for retirement, a student, or redundancy, and many similar issues. 

Just because of that, you have a valid reason to ask for help. 

Unemployment is just a condition. It can never define your potential or your true identity. 

So, in order to stop being unemployed, stop thinking that you’re unemployed. 

And LOOK FOR the solution…just like Holmes. 

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