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5 Tips To Ease Hemorrhoid Pain

Hemorrhoid is literally “a pain in the ass” and as with any sickness, it can get worse if not treated immediately. But with quarantine restrictions, doctors and patients cannot get along as they used to be before. Luckily there are home-based treatments you can do to ease hemorrhoid pain.

Bath with Warm Water

Bathing with warm water can help relax the body and you can take a bath about 2-3 times a day (on your preference) and you also have the option to soak the area in the bath tub with warm water also. But do not scrub it or apply pressure so that it will not swell and avoid pain. 

Ice, maybe?

Applying ice on the swelling part over a matter of time within a day can numb the pain when applied constantly moreover lessen the swollen part. But avoid too much force when you put the ice, just a damp or applying it gently will do.

Comfortable and Breathable Clothes

Loose underwear can reduce friction against your rectum which lessens sweat, irritation, and pain all at the same time. Cotton clothes are the best type of clothes because jersey-type clothes are hot to wear and that is painful. Remember that hemorrhoid is a swelling therefore it is an exposed part of the rectum so treat the pain with comfort so that it can ease the pain

Less Time on the Toilet, More Time on Softies

What I mean is that hemorrhoid treatment should include less time on the toilet because the toilet is hard and if you push your stool harder, the painful the hemorrhoid will be. Softies means soft surfaces like your couch, bed, and chair with pillows. This is a way to reduce the pain brought by hemorrhoids.

Fibrous Food

Losing bowel may it be rough or loose ones will trigger the hemorrhoid more so if you will eat food which is rich in fiber then bowel movement will be easier because fiber absorbs water (if stool is watery) and makes the bowel movement less frequent and flows accordingly and not exploding or continuous. Food rich in fiber includes bananas, apples, beans, popcorns, and even cereals.

Additional Tips

There are many more tips to ease the pain and here are some additional tips. Examples are – Stop scrubbing or or itching the part, Relax and don’t let the pain take over your body, Exercise, Don’t hold up your stool, let it out when it needs to. And most importantly, consult the professionals and buy the prescribed medicines. 

Key Takeaway

Hemorrhoid as well as any other sickness should be acted upon to prevent further damage to the body. There are many creative ways to perform the tips given above. So always ask for help from others like the professionals, parents, friends (they might have experienced it). Because hemorrhoids are no joke, it can lead to surgery if you don’t respond wisely and fast. We don’t want that to happen so always be healthy and stop that pain in the ass.

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