5 Easy Steps on How to Sponsor the Immigration of your Family to Canada

Family sponsorship is an easy way to immigrate to Canada. The country facilitates the process of immigration of your family as it believes in reuniting them. Post-pandemic, the borders have opened up for international travel. India turns out to be the most significant source of new permanent residents to Canada; the second is China. You can gain a family visa to Canada by following some simple steps.

Criteria for Family Sponsorship

Canada’s family class sponsorship program enables permanent residents who are above 18 to sponsor their relatives. There is an eligibility criterion for the person seeking a family visa to Canada – you have to satisfy one of the following:

  • A close relative under 18 years who is single and their parents have expired
  • Parent
  • Grandparent
  • Dependent offspring
  • Registered Spouse by the law
  • Relatives accompanying the Spouse

The person immigrating must be residing outside Canada or living in Canada on a temporary visa.

Sponsorship Rules

The sponsor should be residing in Canada to make a family sponsorship application. According to the visa consultants in Bangalore, the family sponsorship program of Canada entitles the sponsor to be liable for all the financial needs of the relative. Therefore, the sponsored person cannot request financial assistance from the Canadian government even after receiving the family visa to Canada.

The sponsor should have an impeccable background and not have committed any crime. They should be able to show proof of financials to support the sponsorship. The period that they have to sustain their relatives depends on the actual nature of their relationship. This financial obligation does not get removed even if the sponsored person attains citizenship or leaves the country.

Fees and Other Particulars

The Canadian government has structured its fees according to the age and dependency of the applicant. Therefore, this may vary for different family members and are non-refundable. The only refundable fees are for the ‘Right of Permanent Residence Fee’ that remains fixed for all categories. The visa consultants in Bangalore assist in the application process by adhering strictly to the procedures. The procedures can be discussed at length with the consultants before filing the Application.

Certificates Required with the Application 

The applicant has to submit various certificates from the country of residence. Any country they have resided in for more than six months has to be informed along with the necessary documents. A medical certificate is also a prerequisite for biometrics. Sponsors living in Quebec face more formalities and need to submit a special agreement.

Other Options 

  • If somehow your application gets disqualified during the process, visa consultants in Bangalore recommend another option available. This primarily helps you in immigrating through the ‘Express Entry’ program initiated by the Canadian government. The essential eligibility requirement of this program is that the sponsored individual should be a skilled worker. Some other provinces within Canada have fewer requirements of immigration that ease out the process.
  • The Canadian government has, therefore, streamlined the immigration process for family sponsorship programs. Their ideology of reuniting family members, even distant relatives, forms a pillar of strength to separated families. In this way, you can become a permanent resident of Canada and work, study and live in Canada.

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