5 Best Things About WordPress that can help You create one of the Best Websites

 WordPress is deep with lots of hidden aspects.  But what made it quite popular among WordPress users is its ability to make people create perfect website hassle freely without technical knowledge. Here in the article let’s discuss the best things about WordPress that can make you create the best website ever. 

1.WordPress features a wide array of themes 

Several varieties of themes make you create your website beautifully in minutes.  The website theme is the external layer of the site. And it’s your job to make it look pretty. With the WordPress themes, you could improve within several different layouts & styles without digging tons of code.

Selecting a theme can be the toughest thing to build your blog. As there are many themes to pick from. A Shopify agency can help in deciding a better theme that suits your brand and products.   WordPress features several themes that have an endless number of designs and color choices.

You could pick premium and free themes. Most of these premium themes are designed for a pro. These are built with extra capabilities such as SEO or are suitable for several devices. There are a few free themes that are good like the premium themes. However, you need to be careful with free themes. As these have no features that premium they have. 

WordPress premium themes charge $30 – $80. These are made to function with the trending WordPress versions which are made by pros who know CMS merits and demerits. You can check themes over or GoDaddy. Or else Google “WordPress themes for my business” by inserting your specific industry. Then just pick the theme and follow the instructions to install it. Installation steps can vary, based on whether your website is managed or self-hosted. 

2. It’s Customizable

People who are utilizing WordPress aren’t programmers or web designers. So for all those non-tech savvy users, WordPress can be the best solution as they have several website templates to pick from. Not just WordPress themes are simple to personalize as most of them have their own options panel. It enables users to upload logos,  change colors, and backgrounds, designing beautiful sliders, without any code.  

For instance, Astra is a special theme that makes it simple to design a pro-looking site for learners. With over 90 ready-made templates you can personalize them for any website. Personalize the design more with its drag-and-drop builder. Add custom functionality to the WordPress site with plugins. These plugins are similar to the apps for the website which you could utilize to include advanced characteristics such as membership, contact forms, and analytics.

Similar to them you can find thousands of plugins that are both premium and free. Find the plugin for your wants, by searching on Google. You hire a Shopify plus agency where an expert team will recommend a perfect plugin after thoroughly testing.  

3. It’s free

WordPress is such an open-source software that doesn’t cost a buck to install, download, install, or use it. WordPress is free,  but you should pay for the web hosting. If the site was a house, then your web hosting is similar to land to build the house. 

Get a domain address. Bluehost offers a free SSL certificate and free domain name, so most stores pick it. As we discussed above WordPress has several plugins which are 100% free, you need to make a few purchases to help your website grow. So, it’s always the best idea to know what costs you more to develop a functional site while growing your website. 

4. It has a friendly community

 WordPress is not only free but also supported by the top communities worldwide. Their community of WordPress enthusiasts makes modifications to the source files that keep WordPress safe & updated.  These WordPress communities get engaged with much outreaAbout WordPressch to users and host WordPress camps worldwide to support WordPress user growth. 

It’s used by 30% of CMS-based websites. Why? Because WordPress has great tools for creating WordPress sites for any users, not just web developers. Their community is something you can trust. Their friendly and massive community of developers is from across the world. Anyone could become a contributor to the project. 

Not just online but also they offer offline activities. For example, look at WordCamp. It’s nothing but a conference to meet other contributors to discuss the website. A large community equals more information. What’s the best thing about it is that it’s free and accessible.  If you have any doubt regarding the platform you get answered by several people 

5. WordPress Is SEO Friendly

Whatever you add to the website if it’s not attracting targeted users or visitors then it’s all such a waste of time. WordPress is made by thinking about search engine traffic. It is written with high-quality code and semantic markup. That means,  Google and more search engines surely adore WordPress. That’s why WordPress ranks higher than most websites in search engines. For optimizing a site to have more traffic, go with their  WordPress SEO plugin.

 If are you looking for more details on WordPress or more website design services, then hire a Shopify agency. Shopify agency includes the best web experts who can explain more benefits and features of WordPress. 

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