23 Award-Winning Hospitality Technology Providers That Drive Growth

Hospitality technology has bloomed over the year and can be found in every aspect of the hospitality industry. This includes working with the leading hospitality service provider and product providers; such as DZEE products to source the best hotel towels USA has to offer and so much more. You would find 23 award-winning hospitality technology providers that drive growth. When you integrate them in your hotel operations, they will help drive your hotel growth also.

The technology you can integrate for your hotel includes:

Hospitality Operations Technology

Social Tables:

Simplifies planning, sharing, and collaborating events with your team and make organizing everything easier.

Clock PMS:

It makes reserving, event managing, managing POS of restaurants & bars of the hotel easier for the staff and guests.


Perfect for consistent hotel operations improvement by opening a cross-department communication channel for hospitality service provider and guests.

Quore Cleanings Plus:

This is the best technology for your housekeeping department to help organize tasks, maintain the hotel, and more.


This is perfect to collect guest feedback anonymously, work on the problems, and improve your guest experience.


Lets guest communicate with the hotel staff through texting.

Hotel Effectiveness:

It monitors labor expenses, and daily wages, helping you better organize your labor requirements.


It is perfect to help better internal hotel communication between your staff and manage their tasks.

Technology Integrated Hospitality Marketing


User-friendly tools for better attendance organization of live events.

Revinate Marketing

Personalizes your guest experience, manages all customer data in one place, and maximizes opportunities to upsell.


Plan your next campaign in collaboration with your travel partner with the information collected through this technology.


This is one of the most straightforward 23 award-winning hospitality technology providers that drive growth as it is an upselling tool itself.


This hospitality technology helps you manage customer rewards and incentives by basing the information of real-time behavior.

Technology Integrated Hospitality Revenue Management

Social Tables Sales & Catering CRM

Makes working with guests and vendors much simpler in every way.


Keeps an eye on all your channels and lets you manage everything with ease.


Let’s you get a real time comparison of your hotel and your competitors to help you create a more robust strategy for your hotel.

Travel Tripper

It provides the complete service agency solutions for hotels.


Helps find the best price for every room type and help set the price for singles, groups, and also forecast demands for better planning and booking.


They provide the complete hotel analysis from the strengths to the weaknesses to help travelers make the best choice.


It is built by actual hoteliers and is an industry-specific hotel accounting tool.

Get Into More

Perfect for events and meeting hosts who need to manage revenue, depending on leads, demands, and KPI dashboard.

Technology Integrated Hospitality Guest Experience


It is a multi-channel tool used to manage communication between your customers and staff to better streamline all operations and tasks.

Crave Interactive

Whether your guests are online or offline, manage your interactions with them without missing out on anything. Always be in touch with your guests at all times through all borders.

What are your thoughts about these 23 award-winning hospitality technology providers that drive growth as a hospitality service provider; and how do you think this hospitality technology will be of help to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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