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12 Social Media & Marketing Podcasts

12 Social Media & Marketing Podcasts

1. Marketing SMARTs from Marketing Profs

Marketing Smarts podcast
Host: Kerry O’Shea Gorgone
The podcast is a 30-minute weekly podcast that began in 2012. It provides valuable marketing knowledge and actionable tips, and honest advice that can (social media podcast) aid marketers from all over the world to succeed. Click here, In addition, marketing SMarts features in-depth interviews with top performers in the field, such as Chris Brogan, Garrett Moon and many others.
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2. Behind the Numbers eMarketer

Host: Bryan Yeager and Marcus Johnson
Podcast Information: eMarketer is one of the most reputable news publications covering marketing and digital media. In 2016, they launched the podcast, which is full of discussions on how digital is changing businesses and lives. Enjoy!
Listen: iTunes | Soundcloud | Stitcher

3. Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing Podcast
Host: John Jantsch
The podcast’s content: John, one of the most renowned small business marketing experts in the US, interviews experts, authors, and thought-leaders to share their tips for business marketing techniques and sources.
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4. Social Business Podcast

Social Business Engine Media Marketing Podcast
Host: Bernie Borges
Podcast About:
I’ve been listening to this podcast for quite a time, listening to some of the top experts from Content Marketing Institute, SAP, Evernote and many others. Bernie discusses the importance that social media plays from a business perspective with a variety of practical and tactical ideas. He is the one who leads the conversation with his guests to boost the social media marketing of your business. I would only like that his episodes were longer.

5. The SaaS Revolution Show

podcast of the SaaS Revolution Show
Hosts: Alex Theuma
The podcast’s background:
When you’re expanding a SaaS company, it’s all about retention and acquisition. This is why social media and digital strategies for marketing are exactly what you need to build your business. The magazine offers strategies and information from the most innovative entrepreneurs, executives and investors who impart wisdom on scaling to 100.000 customers and achieving an international scale when you’re a startup. I’ve subscribed for more than a year and would love to see attendees at this conference.

6. The Growth Show Turnaround

The Turnaround Marketing Podcast
Host: Meghan Keaney Anderson
The podcast is an ongoing series of stories about businesses almost forced to close their doors. However, they were able to create an incredible turnaround. (social media podcast) Who doesn’t love a good comeback story? It will feature the most successful leaders and brands who built their companies from beginning to finish. A great podcast that provides inspiring and informative content. The hosts offer practical tips on building an organization, brand and much more.

7. Inside Intercom

The Inside Intercom Marketing Podcast
Host: Des Traynor
Podcast Description: This is one of my most-loved podcasts about marketing, growth startups, learning, etc. I’ve heard that have been shared by some of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet, such as Steli Efti Eric Siu, Joel Califa, Ryan Hoover, Sujan Patel, among others. In the Inside Intercom podcast, you will listen to the team of Intercom interview doers and makers from the world of design, product management, as well as startups and marketing.

8. Inside a Hustler’s Brain

Inside a Hustler’s brain Podcast is hosted by Jitendra Vaswani. A podcast that encourages people to think creatively and build a successful online business. Jitendra has been seated with real-time hustlers to understand their business practices and how they can impact the world. On his podcast, Jitendra has spoken with numerous marketing legends such as Grant Cardone, Neil Patel, and Rand Fishkin.

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In each show, Jitendra, the founder of and well-known creator of “Inside A Hustler’s Mind “In Pursuit for Financial Freedom” Book, shares the process of going through difficult moments in his life. His guests on his marketing show discuss their strategies for building a hustler’s mentality to be financially secure. As a result, Jitendra has established his six-figure business with no outside capital.

The podcast discusses various topics, including digital marketing and blogging, content marketing, and more importantly, it provides suggestions about running and managing the business.

9. Ad Age Ad Lib

AdAge AdLab Podcast
Host: Brian Braiker
The podcast’s background:
The most recent podcast of Ad Age features a series of discussions with the top people in the fields of advertising, media and marketing. They are trying to discover the people behind the corporate names. There are many prominent personalities in the industry, including freaks and pirates, geeks, hipsters, weirdos, rock legends, stars and wizards. They are eager to know their motivations.

10. Advertising Podcasts from the IPA

IPA AdTalk Podcast
Host: Paul Bainsfair
Podcast Description: IPA is a professional association for advertising, media, and marketing communications agencies across the UK. It is a coalition of over 300 agencies, which account for most UK marketing and communications expenditure. IPA is aware of what they are talking about. In each show, Paul Bainsfair, Director General at IPA, talks to professionals from all over the business about their work and the next steps for advertising.

11. FutureVision Conversations

FutureVision Marketing Advertising Podcast
Host: Tara Moore
Podcast description: FutureVision Conversations explores the…you have guessed it…future Blockchain AR/VR, Artificial intelligence and the future of gaming entertainment and money. It’s peeling away to reveal the true nature of technology by bringing together futurists, R/GA experts and business analysts. Learn how brands and marketers are planning for a volatile future.

12. Adlandia

Adland Advertising Marketing Podcast
Host: Laura Correnti and Alexa Christon
The podcast’s content:
ADLANDIA is a bi-weekly show focused on the noise generated in the marketing and advertising industries. Laura and Alexa are challenging traditional ideas and analyzing today’s changing industries. Each episode offers the opportunity to get to know some of the most talented talent and business models within the publishing and marketing industries. ADLANDIA is a destination for creative and critical minds.

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